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Need help with outfit

Hey fellow players,

I haven't been playing for long and most of my time is devoted to housing and building alts. This means when it's time to build an outfit for said alts, my options are very limited. Still I think I've managed to make them cool with the basic styles and few dyes I have most of the time, but I'm having a hard time with my warden.

More specifically I used the divine inquisition legs on her and I really like the "skirt" look but all of her outfit is black and the legs dye terribly with the black dye I have, obsidean black.

So my question is, is there legs that are knee length skirts and dye black really well and are fairly easy for a noob to get? Or, if not, is there a black dye that is better and will dye the divine inquisition legs actual black?

Thank you for it your help 😊

Best Answer

  • Devanear
    Thanks to your tip about the Mazzatun legs my warden now looks great (I know she doesn't look very nature loving in that outfit, but I quite like it). And I managed to get the pattern for 21k, so I'm happy :smile:

    Edited by Devanear on July 26, 2019 11:20PM
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