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How to get to Vlastrus in SW Cyrodil as an EP Character?

Hi, I'm new to Cyrodil, and I would like to buy armor in Vlastrus in SW Cyrodil. Thing is, I'm an Ebonheart Pact character, and the city is usually owned by another faction.

Some (probably easy) questions:
- Can I only buy from a vendor if EP controls Vlastrus?
- Should I try guesting on map after map until I find one where EP controls Vlastrus?
- Even getting close to Vlastrus was hard. Is there an easier way to do this?

Thank you in advance!
  • VaranisArano
    Given that the vendor hangs out near where the town guards do who will aggro you if you arent the faction who owns it, you'll probably want to capture the town or at least kill the guards. I've never tried shopping from a vendor if my faction didnt own the town. If you take the flags, be aware that the guards do respawn in time, so I'd recommend starting at the non-guarded flag first.

    Guesting until you find a map where EP is dominant is doable, but might take a long time since Vlastarus is pretty deep in enemy territory. You best bet is probably to wait until EP has pushed deep into DC or AD territory and ride from there.

    However, you can still ride to Vlastarus at any time, though I'd advise staying away from the keeps and travel lanes between them. This is probably best done on a quieter campaign or during non-primetime hours.

    Finally, PVP vendor gear is BOE, so you should be able to buy it from guild traders if people have the pieces you are looking for listed.
  • Kartalin
    The vendor npc is faction specific, so the town has to be controlled by your faction to shop there.
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  • Karm1cOne
    Easiest may be to make an ad character, transfer your ap to it and go into a non locked campaign.
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  • MajBludd
    Capture all the flags. Then as you wait for the last flag to flip, you get ganked. Good luck, OP!
  • dtsharples
    Karm1cOne wrote: »
    Easiest may be to make an ad character, transfer your ap to it and go into a non locked campaign.

    Whilst entirely true, you'd need to get the character to level 50 first. The items you buy are the same level as your character is.

    You could always ask in zone for help taking, and keeping Vlastarus, but it's a bit hit-and-miss.

    As mentioned above, to avoid RNG entirely, it's better to buy pieces from the Guild Trader that others don't want.
    You can PVP to rank 1 to get 50 transmute stones on any character of any level. This way you can afford to transmute the 'bad' trait items you can buy more cheaply.

    Alternatively, if you have saved up AP already - which it sounds like you have - purchase some of the Akiviri or Militant Ordinator Motifs, or BOE Golden Jewelry in good sets from the Golden Vendor and resell to afford the perfect trait items :) GL
  • Vlad9425
    If you have an AD character who is 160CP or above that is the easiest way really so you can just transfer AP to that character. Another way would be just to try and capture the town but you have a good chance of running into resistance that way. Keep in mind that guild traders will likely have the item sets on sale from that town also.
  • NBrookus
    By far, buying from guild traders is the easiest method.

    You can also go to a dead campaign and take Vlasterus and shop there. However towns are alliance objectives now, so you may still meet with resistance.
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  • Sarousse
    Hint : you're in a MMO. Gather other players, group UP, get vlastarus, profit.
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  • NordSwordnBoard
    MajBludd wrote: »
    Capture all the flags. Then as you wait for the last flag to flip, you get ganked. Good luck, OP!

    Flip the merchant flag and buy quick. Consider using an ultimate to melt the guards. A single wingman can help flip the flag/aggro flag guards and distract any incoming players while you get your stuff. The hill up behind the mill tower there has a plateau for forward a camp as insurance if you want to avoid two trips being a possibility.

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