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Cornaro DC (18+) Social/PvE Guild is Recruiting!

Soul Shriven
Cornaro is a fairly new guild with about 50 members so far, we are primarily Daggerfall Convenant but we do accept people from all alliances. We are trying to form a great community that you can always count on for good companionship and fun. We hold events like Skyshard Hunts, Map Completions, Raffles, Dungeon Runs, and Voting Events for officer positions within the guild.

Our Guild Hall is currently under construction and is located in the Earthtear Cavern in Craglorn. But in the meantime you can visit my own home which is Mournoth Keep in Bangkorai which includes all the basic crafting stations (provisioning, alchemy, and enchanting included), a 3 million health target dummy to practice on, banker/merchant, and a transmustation station.

We accept new and experienced people alike, it doesn't matter to us. We do not accept anybody under 18 years of age unfortunately, since most of us are on the older side.

Please come join us!
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