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Laurent on Stibbons after the Library of Dusk

What she blurts out seemingly inadvertently -- she's in love with Stibbons?
Because "afterwards" in Vvardenfell (if you believe in chronologically correct questing) he's still the guinea pig.
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  • elias.stormneb18_ESO
    I think it's pretty obvious that there has always been a weird sort of love between the two, and both Lady Laurent and Stibbons seem to feel like their lady–servant relationship is some kind of expression of that.
  • Nestor
    Ever seen one of those relationships where one partner is kind of mean and demeaning and dominating over the other?

    Well, now you have.

    Also, Stibbons is quite4 the Ladies Man in an unassuming way. Kind of the "Talk Softly and Carry a Big Stick" kind of way. So, he probably is tired of the women who throw themselves at him, and instead seeks out those who treat him like a subservient because he does not feel like he deserves the attention.
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  • gurluasb16_ESO
    They have a relationship that reminds me of the anime Familiar of Zero....Just with less whipping.
  • ArchMikem
    Laurent is a selfish "Doesnt know what they have until they lose it" person. Stibbons is constantly at her side and she's come to believe that as the norm, come hell or high water, he will always be at her beck and call. She knows she can rely on him for anything, but she views that as him being her "Man Servant", not an equal romantic partner. She believes he's beneath her, but at the same time she feels there is no him without her and vice versa. And of course he gets his kicks off serving her so there's not gonna be any changing of her attitude towards him any time soon.
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