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Is the game really this big?

Soul Shriven
I have been trying to download the game to start playing again. I have a clean 115G disk I've been trying to load it on and the game has completely filled it up. The launcher is stuck on "repair". every time I try and run it, it starts to go thru the process, the eventually gets to the "not enough disk space" error message. All the information I can find says the game is only 85G, and needs 20G to run properly. That's 105G. I should have more than enough space, however, like I said, the game files have completely filled all 115G. Is there a list somewhere of the files that I can compare to? Something doesn't seem right. Thanks for any help I can get in this matter.

Best Answers

  • justrelaxin63
    Soul Shriven
    Well if that don't just rot. Thanks for the replies. ZOS, ya need to get your act together and remedy this. I didn't have any problems with STO or SWTOR. Just ESO.
  • redlink1979
    I'm preparing to try the PC standard version, the digital one since it's on a 50% sale.

    So I will need 85GB for download + 85GB for installation, right? Website info requirements only mentions 85GB to install...
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  • Miaura
    SirAndy wrote: »
    You need twice the game size free during the initial install.

    Just another one of those things ZOS just can't seem to get right ...

    And, word of warning, not just the initial install, sometimes you need twice the whole game size for patches as well..
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