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PC/NA Exploring Guild Options

Soul Shriven
Hello Everyone,

I've been playing ESO for a while now (my character is a level 47 High Elf Sorcerer), but until this point I haven't really gotten into the social aspect of the game. I can't get any of my friends to join me in Tamriel, so I thought maybe I should join a guild. This would have the added benefit of hopefully allowing me to make more gold so I can eventually buy a house.

To be honest, I'm a little overwhelmed by the in-game guild search feature, so I thought I would post here to express my interest. I understand that one can join up to five guilds, so I will give a brief overview of what I'm looking for.

First and foremost, I am looking for casual guilds. I am very much a casual player, and I will likely go through periods of inactivity in the game. If that will be a problem, then I probably won't be a good fit for your guild.

That is really the only requirement I have. I'm interested in making some gold, so a trader would be nice. It is not, however, imperative. I understand that traders are expensive, and guilds that hire them tend to have requirements. Due to the casual nature of my playstyle, however, I will be unlikely to consistently meet those requirements. As such, a trader is not one of my must-haves.

I am also interested in doing a bit of roleplaying. Again, though, this is not a requirement. I can always join a roleplaying guild in addition to a social one. I will provide an in-character bio at the end of this post for any roleplaying guild recruiters out there.

Please feel free to advertise your guilds to me in this thread. I look forward to seeing what's out there.

RP Bio: Vladivarius the Mad Seer [kind of a silly name, I know]

I come from the Summerset Isles. In my youth, I dedicated myself to the esoteric arts of magic, and studied under the scholars of the College of Sapiarchs. In my private research, I invoked all-knowing Hermaeus Mora in pursuit of ever greater occult secrets. The Daedroth sent me visions of Apocrypha and of its Black Books, but still kept the greatest arcana for himself. Cursed by Hermaeus Mora with an inability to be satisfied, I now wander the mortal plane in my never-ending mystical quest for knowledge of the infernal and the divine. Slowly, I uncover the metaphysical realities beneath the surface of Munuds, of Oblivion, and of Aetherius.
  • Savina
    Vanquish might be what you are looking for. You can check out our website and fill out an application. Our guild doesn't use the in-game recruitment feature at this time. We are dedicated more to the player behind the keyboard than numbers and prefer our application vetting process to the in-game options.

    Here is our recruitment thread if you'd like to read about us on these forums.

    All alliances are welcome however our guild PvP events are held within DC.

    Hope you find what you are looking for,

  • cal_whitebark
    Soul Shriven
    Hello, KingHaggard! I'm assuming that Vladivarious is your in-game name for your Sorcerer? A buddy and I are recruiting for a casual guild and a lot of your preferences speak of, with the exception of RP. I have a friend in another MMO who was big into role-play and we had a lot of fun with it so I respect someone who really dives into that stuff. I'm going to look you up in-game to see if we can get a chance to chat live but I will keep an eye on this thread as well. Our guild is Fools Who Laugh at Death, we can be found in the guild finder but its okay if that's gotten too complicated for you. We look forward to getting the chance to chat with you.
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