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Perfect for veterans, military roleplayers, etc.

Soul Shriven
The <Imperial Guard Division> is an elite unit in the Imperial military.

Guard positions will be available to applicants who qualify interest.
―Qualified interest will be marked by Outstanding Enthusiasm to join And Commit to an elite Imperial military roleplaying "guild" (last time that term will used in reference to this unit).

A. Submit an application through Guild Finder by filtering for Roleplaying, PvP, Hardcore, all roles, 0-810 cp, English, Ebonheart Pact alliance. Locate <Imperial Guard Division> and apply within.

B. Applicant Introduction is scheduled for 12 Aug 2019 at 9pm EDT in Fort Zeren, Bal Foyen.
―Applicant Introduction will introduce applicants to basic concepts of <Imperial Guard Division>.

{All applicants should be warned that the environment and atmosphere we offer is unique and something we work very hard to accomplish. We urge you to join our discord in order to better prepare by familiarizing yourself with our personnel and written information including our charter.}

Point of contact/
(1)#help IGD,
(2)CO IGD, XBL sir phist, Discord SIR Phist#2444
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