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Dark Brotherhood Speaker is suddenly not there for Sacraments?

Hi, suddenly the Speaker that gives out the Sacrament dailies isn't there for me. I see other players come into the room and appear to be talking to someone but they aren't visible to me. I have no outstanding sacraments that aren't completed and was doing the dailies throughout the event. This happened on Monday before the maintenance but still no Speaker. Any ideas anyone? I can't see anything 'undone' that would cause him not to be there.
  • VaranisArano
    If you just ranked up in the DB enough to unlock the next storyline quest, he may have moved for that.
  • Alastrine
    I thought of that but on my other account I ranked up through the DB questline and once the Speaker was 'unlocked' and available for dailies he never moved or disappeared again, even as I progressed through the storyline. Once you unlock dailies they stay available. But thank you Varanis! I appreciate any input!
  • ZOS_BillE

    As mentioned above, Speaker Terenus may move or become available based on your progression through the Dark Brotherhood story quests. If there is a quest in the story line you've not accepted yet, try accepting it to see if Speaker Terenus reappears.
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