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So, I was kicked out of server, as happens now and then. Usually I get error message of 'server connection timed out'. No biggie, happens.

But just now I got kicked out 'for spamming'. Even though I have not talked to anyone at all. I was loading into Dark Brotherhood sanctuary. How could I possibly spam if I was on loading screen? Fix your error messages maybe? Or your spam filter?
  • ZOS_BillE

    While you may not have been chatting when kicked for spamming, there are other things in game that can trigger this to happen. Our help article below goes over these circumstances.

    Why was I disconnected for spamming on PC/Mac when I am not typing in any chat?
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  • cynicalbutterfly
    I get that occasionally as well. I never talk on chat. To put it in simple terms, you're getting this error because the communications between your pc/ps4/xbox and the ESO server have come undone temporarily but the messages between the two are still being sent and not received. So when the connection is re-established, all those backed up messeges come at once. The ESO servers see this as chat spam (a quirk of the system I guess?). Thus why you've gotten the error.
    For me, most of the time, it'll show up after a lag spike. My internet isn't the best but I seem to recieve less errors since switching to a wired connection on my PS4.
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