Is there an addon to show the # of used/total housing slots?

It seems ridiculous to me that in a house, th browse (R) menu doesn't tell show you how many slots are available for a selected item, nor does it mention if it's special, etc. I would think that Zeni would use that as an opportunity to upsell subscribing. I assume someone has an addon for this but I couldn't find one.


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  • R_K
    Essential Housing Tools shows you a few things.
    1. The "EHT" button always shows you the number of Traditional Item slots used/total. (bottom right).
    2. Picking up any item shows you a "HUD" display (top right) that includes the Limit that particular item counts against.
    3. Additionally, if you install my DecoTrack add-on, it integrates with EHT to automatically include the quantity of the item you are holding in each of your homes, characters, bank, and house chests and coffers.
    (plus there's also the Housing Hub, which is a whole host of other info)

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  • yodased
    it does? Look on the left side

    Tl;dr really weigh the fun you have in game vs the business practices you are supporting.
  • Minyassa
    I don't know if it's base game or an addon I use but when I go into the Housing Editor mode and hit R, the window pictured above by yodased pops up for me. The addon I use most commonly is HomesteadItemMover. But I'd check first to see if it's base game.
  • Aurie
    It's base game.
  • JoStoic
    I mean, i specifically said *selected* item - like in this view:


    Is it special? Is it special collectible? (I mean in this case, duh special collectible, but) What other items fill that same slot? Could I filter the slot type it fills? neop. So many questions left unanswered. Especially for new players.

  • sueblue
    EHT tells you on the bottom right of the screen as soon as you enter any house.
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  • redlink1979
    On the Home editor options it's detailed the number/type of items you got in the home you are in. No need to use an addon for this...
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  • JoStoic
    Thank you!
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