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Faction Lock Entire Account

Make the faction lock for the entire account. My 2 AD and 2 DC want to play in Kaal with my 8 EP toons. They feel left out. :smiley: That's where the action is. That's where my 2 PVP guilds are located.

I didn't want to create those toons, but before One Tamriel, that was one way to do the other story lines without having to wait for Cadwell's Silver and Gold quests.
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  • Mr_Walker
    Agreed, as of now I have 6/9 toons that option for PvP is to... PvDoor in a dead campaign.
  • SirAndy
    Mr_Walker wrote: »
    Agreed, as of now I have 6/9 toons that option for PvP is to... PvDoor in a dead campaign.
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  • ThePedge
    Makes so much sense.
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  • josh.lackey_ESO
    Yes, please. I have dumped 100's of hours into alternative faction toons for PvPe, and now they are just worthless. I feel cheated.
  • Enkil
    People have multiple accounts with a free to play game so it won’t make too much of a difference. ZOS should unlock all the campaign as before and make a NEW 14-day faction locked campaign with same rewards as 30-day. That way people that want faction locks can play on this new “Loyalty” campaign. This is what people were asking for before they went and locked the main ones.
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  • Katahdin
    They should allow one time per character faction change, but you need any race/any alliance if those characters are going to a non native faction ( ie altmer going to EP)

    Or just make the 7 day into a 30 day so flippers can have their 30 trans crystals rewards

    Leave the current locked campaigns as they are.
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