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Question Reference #190628-005720 (Response, Urgent)

A recent ticket of mine has been closed and resolved, this one is new and needs to be resolved.
Thank you,
Xbox One, NA Server.
Current CP: 993
Avela Hlaalu- Dunmer Magicka Dragonknight DPS Questing
V'Laste- Altmer Magicka Nightblade DPS PvE
Mends-the-Stars- Argonian Magicka Warden Healer PvE
Zevrana Fen'Ris- Orsimer Stamina Nightblade DPS PvE
Just Another Stereotype- Breton Magicka Templar Healer PvE
Arainai Sulah'Nehn- Breton Magicka Templar DPS PvE
Necromina- Breton Magicka Necromancer Healer PvE
-Hot- Breton Magicka Dragonknight PvP
-Cute- Orsimer Stamina Necromancer DPS PvE
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