II OBLIVION II is Recruiting! [Social/PvX] No Dues, No CP Requirements, Laid-Back Social Guild

Are you a new player fresh out of the Adeptorium in Elsweyr, a veteran from the Wailing Prison days, or anything in between? Looking for a laid back, positive environment to enjoy the many different aspects of the game? Then perhaps II OBLIVION II is right for you!

With no dues, no activity requirements, no skill or level requirements, and submitting parses optional for those who prefer submitting them, II OBLIVION II seeks to give players a place to kick back and enjoy the game with other like minded people.

We have a guild hall with all your basic needs(working on those extras!), helpful members, a fully optimized Discord server, and we even have Officer positions available to those interested in learning what it takes to assist the members of the guild.

Come check us out! Leave your gamertag in the comments or find us via the Guild Finder tool in-game. We'd love to have you!
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