Khajiit new fur colors

We need white stripes, white cheetah spots, basically just a color inversion to the current Khajiit markings. That’d be sweet and “easy”. I’d buy.
  • TheShadowScout
    More -options- for character customization, period!

    But they have new argonian skins from Murkmire, so... why not new khajiit furry skins in the same manner?

    Prolly coming to a crown store near you someday...
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  • khajiitNPC
    Well I know they have the new face and skin markings in the upcoming Baandari crates, but what I’m suggesting is let us freaking change the color of stripes with the existing palettes!
  • Minyassa
    Adding a proper red would be wonderful. I have a "lynx" (caracal) pet that is redder than any khajiit is capable of getting, and it's a valid feline color dangit.
  • Lady_Sleepless
    I'd love some more Calico selections. I want to make my cat. Also fluffy fur would be nice.
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