Looking for active PvE and PvP guild

I have been playing for about two years and I am now able to invest more time into the game and I would like to learn more. I do PvE and just started PvP so I have some things to learn and I have to build as a player. I am looking for active helpful guilds that can show me how to get the most out of my builds and where to make the adjustments. More importantly, I am looking to have fun with a bunch of people. My Gamertag is xX R4reBreed Xx I look forward to seeing you all in game!!
  • Baneful_Legion
    Hi Rare! I think you’d find a good home with The Foundry guilds. Find us on BAND by searching “The Foundry” and any member can invite. ...or via the guild finder in game. We have a few options: The Elder Foundry for trading dues required, The Iron Foundry casual pve, The Brass Foundry Endgame & PvP. No dues for Iron & Brass.
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