Old/Discontinued Houses

Will any of the previously available houses come available again? Is there a way to see a schedule if so?
  • Watchdog
    They do, during the year. You just have to pay attention to the Crown Store offers.
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  • Inhuman003
    Yep don't worry you're in good hands for the end of the year. (Black Friday)
  • armyissue69
    Thanks guys!
  • chuck-18_ESO
    Depending on how recently the last sale was, and how crafty a wordsmith you are, you can always try putting in a ticket requesting the chance to buy a house you missed out on. They've made exceptions for people who politely requested before, though only with unfurnished houses. It certainly can't hurt to put in a ticket and ask. That's how I got Tel Galen after missing the sale.
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  • sueblue
    I am waiting for the Aldmeri Grotto to be re-released.
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