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Cannot log into my account even after resetting password

I changed my password the other day. I had some issues logging into my account but was eventually able to get in so I thought nothing of it.

But this morning I went to access my account and couldn't log in.

So I reset my password again. I tried to log in. It wouldn't let me log in.

So I reset my password YET AGAIN. This time I made sure I waited until I got the email confirmation that my password had been changed.

Nope, still can't log in.

And yes, I'm using the correct password.
  • BoudiccaStormborn
    Oh my god so here's why I couldn't log in.

    I contacted support the other day about changing my **PS4** account name.

    Guess which account name they changed? Not PS4....nope, they changed my PC account name. Because I guess indicating that this was for PS4 and listing the PS4 account name made it too challenging.


    Ticket: 190613-007507
  • ZOS_BillE

    Please check your inbox for details on ticket #190613-007507.
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