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How to delete my eso Account

Soul Shriven
I didn't know where to go about my issue but I need to delete this account @BumBottle/Snubyx. It was originally my account but when I bought my new pc I already had eso on steam so I just created a new account and started over. However all of my drops and even the twitch drops Clouded Senche and the 5 crates went to the BumBottle account and its not even link to my twitch. My new account @Snubbie is linked to twitch and that's the account I watched e3 on and was expecting my drops to be there. Can I please delete this account @BumBottle. I wish to delete it I cant log in-game on it and don't desire to since I already have my @Snubbie account. Please help me
  • idk
    The issue is not deleting the account which I do not think is possible. The issue is getting your new account associated with your game properly.

    @ZOS_BillE might be able to help as they are pretty resourceful. GL.
  • Snubyx
    Soul Shriven
    I hope I can delete the account I cant even log into it. My eso on steam just auto logs me into my Snubbie account so yeah getting everything working properly is some I look forward to doing.
  • ZOS_BillE

    As mentioned above, you need assistance with linking your Steam account to the correct ESO account. You'll need to contact customer support to open a ticket for help with this request. If you have any issues doing so please let us know.
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