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Soul Shriven
An open letter to ZO, Bethesda, and ESO in general.

CC: ZOS_SarahHecker,

To whom it may concern,

First of all, I have been an ESO player for four years now and I keep supporting ESO because it's a great game and I have met a lot of friends because of the game, but honestly I am quite disappointed and frustrated on how you treat your Asian account user. Since the launch of Morrowind, there are a lot of players like me who are looking forward to new chapters including the freebies that we can get from pre-selling. I always check the PlayStation Network store for the possibilities that I can already buy the pre-selling but that is not always the case like what is happening right now for Elsweyr. All I am asking is your equal treatment for all your users we are customers also, I have been an ESO Plus member as long as I can remember. The very least that you can do is to make sure that new chapters, DLC are available not just in the US or other continents but in SEA also. This is so disappointing and frustrating. I hope you can address the issue the sooner the better, Not to mention you should give the chance for the SEA user to buy the presell Elsweyr so we can also enjoy the freebies. Again we are also your customer, and like any other services, we deserve good customer service.

Thank you and hope for your favorable response.
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