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What new mounts do you want to see in future?

  • LukosCreyden
    Radiance wrote: »

    I mean let's refrain from those stupid weeb mounts...

    But we do have Terrorbirds now. That is something that could be a cool mount.

    So, avoid almost all crown crate mounts then? Sounds good!
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  • mrsrobot
    Waynerx8 wrote: »

    That's very funny
  • NotaDaedraWorshipper
    Lostar wrote: »
    pay4vue wrote: »
    A VOICE CHAT MOUNT! CAUSE I DON'T HAVE ONE. is a voice chat mount.

    A senche-raht that actually talks, perhaps?
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  • Emma_Overload
    I want a lamia mount.

    The trick is going to be finding a lamia that will let you get onto its back!
  • es4eva
    Jim_Pipp wrote: »
    I'd love "mounts" that transform your character model - turning your character into the mount instead of having some other creature pop up out of nowhere!

    My favourite would simply look like the standard werewolf transformation, except you don't get any of the buffs or skills, you just move at mounted speed, and getting dismounted transforms you back.

    Other mount transformations that seen cool would be changing into a flock of crows or bats.

    Some personalities and mementos make your character float as though casting a magic spell, and it would be amazing to travel at mounted speed like that!

    Mounts available based on your class or skills or achievements would be awesome. Yeah, level 10 vampire should be able to transform and move as a bunch of bars. Werewolves should be able to move at mounted speeds.

    I dig it.
  • Tommy_The_Gun
    Not a mount, but a "personality" + assistant / non-combat pet, following you around :D
  • mateosalvaje
    I've been wrong before, and I'll be wrong again.
  • Banana
    Full size mammoth
  • Jaimeh
    Banana wrote: »
    Full size mammoth

    The view running behind a player with one though... :expressionless::lol:

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  • Keileon
    On the note of things that might actually happen:

    Verminous Fabricants
    Do we have unicorns yet? Indriks don't count.

    Things that probably won't happen but I can dream:

    Large Clannfears
    Werewolf-themed wolf mount where you ARE the mount (possibly skinned to match you if you have a werewolf morph)
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    hi so I actually love crown crates
  • mrsrobot
    Voriplasm mount that squishes along at speed.
  • GenjiraX
    Anything that is naked (no saddle, paytrall, shaffron, &c.) when installed in player housing. You can’t ride them in your housing so why are they all geared up? They’re naked when on show in stables.
    Edited by GenjiraX on August 13, 2019 4:32PM
  • Haywire30
    Slightly controversial viewpoint, I'm sure, but the 'awesome' mounts really don't do it for me. While it's nice for individuals to be able to feel that they're 'special' with an unconventional/'rare'(Lorewise) mount, I feel that they tend to ruin a lot of the immersion when there's all sorts of hyper-exotic magical creatures running around everywhere.

    For myself, I'd like to see more traditional mounts. Horses and Guar. Different breeds, and with different accessories. You have so many different breed and accessory combos you can do to keep busy for ages.

    As an exercise, list off all the different horse colourations you can think of. Then list off versions of these breeds with armour and/or accessories that are themed to particular races. How many combinations can you come up with?

    Do the same with Guar... and Camels... and Nix Oxen.

    Keeps to the setting, and allows plenty of scope to go out on the decorations on the mounts.

    Just my preference, really.
  • BulletMagnetX
    It's bizarre that there's no Echatere mount.

    I'm extremely happy with my guar and kagouti, more of those, though I really want some new Nix-Oxen. Which some proper Argonian barding, not more dunmer styles. The lizard-guar has some great barding (and is one of my favourites) but it's not a proper guar. I'm pretty sure they were mutated from the same ancestor lizards as the Argonians were, so I think I'm riding around on a cousin.

    Another vote for felrunners and terror birds and wamasu. And I have a real soft spot for wormmouths. An overgrown one of those would look great under a saddle.
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  • Tigerseye
    Tiger, in the regular sand and brown striped colourway, but ideally with a slightly wider face (or fluffier fur, on either side of the face) than the existing model and a Star Blossom corsage/garland, to differentiate it from the loyalty mount (and make it look pretty!).

    Could call it the Tigerlily mount, or something similar.

    Could also be a pet cub version.
    Edited by Tigerseye on August 22, 2019 5:50AM
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