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Official Discussion Thread for "Meet the Character – Sir Cadwell"

This is the official discussion thread for the article "Meet the Character – Sir Cadwell"

Learn about the puzzling and preposterous soul shriven known as Sir Cadwell, the gallant knight and “righter of wrongs,” returning to Tamriel for The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr!
Staff Post
  • Wise_Will
    One of my favorite if not my favorite character.
  • KMarble
    Before I got the game, I was checking out a few stream on Twitch and found the quests interesting. I don't usually play video games, and usually, watching someone else play is enough for me. ESO was different in that I was tempted to try options different than the ones chosen by the streamers. Watching streams made me want to interact with the game.

    I'm not an impulse buyer, so I began to search for ESO videos to check it out in more details. I found a "let's play" series and began watching. As soon as I heard Cadwell talk, I made my mind. I bought the game and have been playing daily for about a year now.
  • maboleth
    Will there be any behind-the-scenes with John Cleese, like we had with Alfred Molina?

    I'm sure many would LOVE to see and hear that. <3@ZOS_SarahHecker
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