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War Maiden VS Spell Strategist VS Julianos

  • driosketch
    I've forgotten what the original topic was.

    Ok, OP has tested 3 similar sets and found negligible difference to thier DPS. Some have asserted that can't be, because the math says different. So test it live and post the results. Some have said OP's DPS is too low to tease out the actual difference between sets. I'm saying if OP doubles their DPS by working on their rotation, that increase is a lot more impressive than a fractional increase they might see between the sets.
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  • WrathOfInnos
    POMEH wrote: »
    I'm sorry, but there's a lot of bad info in this thread.
    War Maiden will always be weaker than Julianos unless you can get at least 75 percent of your damage to come from Magic Damage. This is basically impossible to get on any magicka DPS.
    I use light attack + 5 damage skills. 3 of these skills are with magic damage therefore I still use War Maiden cause it brings me more DPS than Julianos. Of course if most your damage skills are without magic damage so prefer to use Julianos.

    P.S. I already did campare Necropotence set with another magic damage sets and will start a new thread on forum with my results. But with other magic damage sets including Necropotence my DPS still about 28k.

    P.S. Its impossible to save high DPS in solo playing cause you need to run, block mobs attacks so in this case DPS is not so important that to stay alive, dont die under mobs attacks and damage mobs.

    @POMEH For solo play, have you considered the fact that the Spell damage from Julianos increases your self healing? The War Maiden Spell Damage does nothing for heals because heals do not have a “magic damage” classification.

    Also, if you are running 5-1-1 armor (light, medium, heavy) for more resources from the Undaunted passives, then a crafted set (Juli) has the additional benefit of letting you make the chest piece heavy. Other gear setups often force you into 7 light armor, or best case allow a heavy or medium piece on head and shoulders only. A heavy chest piece and light helmet will provide slightly more defense than a light chest with a heavy helmet.

    Additionally, the 833 Spell Crit on Julianos 4pc is often better than the 129 Spell Dmg on WM 4pc, so we cannot only look at the 5pc bonuses. This is slightly dependent on the rest of a build, things like the Shadow Mundus, Aggressive Warhorn, Channeled Acceleration, Elfborn CP’s, Templar or Nightblade passives, and Khajiit race all lean heavily toward stacking Spell Crit. If you don’t utilize many of the things above, then Spell Dmg is not a bad choice (especially if using Major and Minor Sorcery, and slotting many Sorcerer skills).

    Edit: Also War Maiden only affects Restoration Staff Light and Heavy Attacks, not Inferno or Lightning.
    Edited by WrathOfInnos on June 19, 2019 7:46PM
    I am glad that you are all so vividly discussing this topic. There are many theorists here. Before checking sets in practice, I read a lot of theory. Many people write "this set better than that because ...." I decided to test it myself in practice. I do not urge anyone to use, as I, build Mothher Sorrow + War Maiden. I compared sets in practice and in the video you can see the result. War MaidenI gives me more DPS than Julianos. I don't care what is in theory, practice is important to me. If in theory Julianos is better than WM, but in my experience it is not, then it is logical that I chose what is best in practice. If your practice shows that Julianos gives you more DPS than WM, then you must use it.

    Its so simple. Compare sets in your own practice and then use that sets that gives you more DPS and comfort playing.
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