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Xbox One NA Recruiting for end game pve guild

We are recruiting for an end game dungeon and trials guild. Looking to expand our ranks. LF a few trial leaders and new members. No matter your level, all players are welcome. We can help newer players integrate into end game content. Also LF members for our core team, all roles accepted. Reply here or message Draininglizzard for an invite.
Edited by Draininglizzard on May 25, 2019 4:50AM
  • byrdmanwes
    Wouldn't mind an invite. Mostly comfortable on heals and tank. Actually hate dpsing. But I'm looking to get into vet trials alot more.
    Gt: Mr Byrdman86
    Breton Templar Healer-AD
    Redgaurd Stamina Sorcerer Tank-AD
    Dark elf Magic Dragonknight DPS-AD
    Imperial Dragon knight Tank-EP
    Nord Blazing Shield Templar-DC
    GT: Mr Byrdman86
    CP: 600
  • Draininglizzard
    I'll send you an invite when I get off work this evening.
  • Nikbarreub17_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    51k mag sorc and 49k stamblade. Completed all vet craglorn hardmodes, vmol, and vAS as a tank/dps. My gamer tag is Nikbeezy. Let me know!
  • Draininglizzard
    I'll send all invites out around 7 central tonight. Look forward to meeting everyone.
  • pat_thetic
    Depending when you plan on running, 52k magplar

    gt: pat thetic
  • Draininglizzard
    Still looking for more active members!!
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