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Looking for Trading & Active PvE Guild

I'm 58 (nearing 59) and have been playing ESO since day one (for the most part). I'm no expert but I am currently level 1016; a Tamriel Hero; Grand Master Crafter (my two highest achievements). Due to a little carpal tunnel in my wrist I can only play hard for a short time before my wrist gives out so I don't do PvP and only sometimes do 4-person dungeons. I enjoy public dungeons, dark anchors, delves, provisioning, and just running across the countryside enjoying the scenery and fighting whatever gets in my way. I also have a ton of stuff to sell and am looking for an active PvE, Trading Guild. I help anyone who needs something crafted for themselves or for researching purposes. My home is the Ebonheart Chateau and I have all the crafting stations as well as 3 practice dummies. I always open my gamer home to all of my guildmates so they can come and go whenever they want.

I don't mind paying weekly dues but only when the guild is active and the leaders respond to my questions or comments. I've left my most recent guilds due to inactivity and lack of response from the guild leaders. I find that guilds tend to start out really energetic then peter out after a short time. Anyway ... I sign in at least and usually twice a day (very early A.M. and then after work around 5:30 or 6:00 P.M Mountain Time).

Please send me an invite if I sound like I may fit in with your group. I'm in the Ebonheart Pact, Imperial, DPS/Stam, Dragonknight, Dual Wield with Bow backup.
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