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Unlink Steam account

Soul Shriven
Greetings, as the title says I would like to unlink my Steam account from my ESO account since I had to refund the copy I bought from Steam because the launcher would get stuck on "loading" and nothing I've done would fix it.

I already submitted a ticket to the support team but it's been 3 days and one responded yet.

Can anyone tell if buying the game from the ESO website would even be more likely to work or how much should I still expect to wait for the Support team to answer me, because honestly I'm kinda losing hope.

Should anyone from Zos see this, my ticket number is 190514-003356.
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  • Nestor
    Do you have much progress on this account? If not, then buy the copy at some retailer that has it on sale. I have seen the Summerset edition for $20. To me, an Andrew Jackson is worth not being frustrated. Eventually, you can get the other account unlinked, then you have all those slots for mules!

    However, if you have progress or crown purchases or crowns themselves, you want to get the original unlinked if possible.


    Can you help?
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    Enjoy the game, life is what you really want to be worried about.

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  • WashedKoma
    Soul Shriven
    Thanks for your answer.

    I do not have any progress on this account. I've been playing the game for roughly 2 years on playstation and since I switched to PC I haven't had much occasion to play on console anymore, so I thought that it might have been worth it to start over on PC.

    Last week I bought the bundle which included Elsweyr and all the previous content from Steam but I encountered this issue which prevented me from playing and forced me to get a refund.

    I'm not sure if I understood your suggestion but my problem is that I'm rather afraid to repurchase the game while having my Steam account still linked to my ESO account because I fear I might run into some problems again.
  • ZOS_Bill

    Please check your inbox for a message regarding ticket #190514-003356.
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