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Come join NASA. 200+ members and rising.

Hey guys its been a good long while since the NASA guild was in action. At the start of ESO on the Xbox console I started this guild and got up to around 300 members but had to walk away for sometime but now am back and really looking to revamp the guild and grow its members once again. This late into ESP's life span may seem like a challenge but I think this game is on its second or 3rd wind and is still strong as ever especially with an expansion on the way.

I would like to get members who have a passion for relaxing fun gaming and the lore of Elder Scrolls. Building a team of like minded folks who are looking to do a delve, trails or just have some fun questing or just talking. Most of all we are all here to help each other and build. One of the goals of the guild will be to expand quickly by actively recruiting members, crafting team, Trials team, PVP team and start a stream channel. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Feel free to send me a PM and or a message on Xbox Live for a guild invite.

GT: origin of payne
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