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Caffeine Carnage Surplus: Trading Guild Recruiting

Caffeine Carnage Surplus is a fresh new trading guild looking for members. There will currently be no weekly dues and will run via donations. The more who join, the more features the Officers will add such as raffles, recruitment rewards, etc. Opportunity available to join the ranks and rank up! Post your GT if you’d like to join! Active Players Only
  • FixedBlade123
    I have lots to sell. I'm also looking for an active, PvE guild that actually like to group up an do things. I have three practice dummies and all the crafting stations at my Ebonheart Chateau home. I always open my place to all fellow guild members. I'm also a Grand Master Crafter if anyone needs something crafted for themselves or for the purpose of researching. Send an invite to FixedBlade123 if I fit your mold. Thanks.
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