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AU based ‘Crusaders of Akatosh’ social & PVE guild

The Crusaders of Akatosh is recruiting friendly people who enjoy helping others and being social - we're a social guild after all! We have members in Australia, the US and other areas of the world, so we're active regardless of the timezone! We have members of all races and factions. We're noob AND vet friendly, have a very active guild chat, and we have scheduled daily and weekly guild activities like fishing events, world bosses, public or Undaunted dungeons, and some of us jump into Cyrodiil for some PVP as well. We use Discord for forum-type information and discussions as well as for voice chat.

We're a family friendly guild (we're a swearing-free zone), and all ages are welcome. We have rules available in Discord that encourage members to be respectful and supportive while having a good time, and we don't hesitate in quickly removing any 'bad eggs'. New members are encouraged to join Discord to read our rules and stay up to date with guild announcements and information, and we also remove members if they haven't logged in to the game in 21 days, so our guild is always active. Our goal is to have fun, and we do pretty well at that.

A bit of background... We're one of the longest-running social guilds in ESO, having started back in beta in 2014 as the Explorers of Tamriel, and after a while We became the Crusaders of the Seventh, 'white knights' serving Stendarr, the seventh of the Divines. But then Dark Brotherhood came along and everyone became corrupted vampires and werewolves. The white knights lost their way and we became the Order of the Star. But now that the dragons are here, the white knights are back and providing their service to Akatosh, the Dragon God of Time. We're still a social guild, but we love having some fun with this game!

We're proud of who we are. We wear our guild tabards with pride. And our vision is to be one of the best social guilds of friendly, supportive and active players in all of Tamriel.

We invite you to join us for the ride. If all this sounds like something you'd be interested in, send me a message in-game or add your in-game @username below and an invite will be coming your way!
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  • SirProwse
    Soul Shriven
    Hey man,

    I'm just getting back into ESO after a few years and the switch to PC. Your guild sounds like just the one for me.

  • AlanTheDragonLord
    @SirProwse welcome to the guild :)
  • lindamus

    Returning play looking for an AU guild. Your guild looks good.


  • AlanTheDragonLord
    @lindamus thanks for your interest, we think it looks pretty good too :D Invite sent, welcome to the guild
  • coldfirenexus
    hi my IGN: Syco Logical
    user: coldfirenexus !

    I am a returning player that is looking for a good Ausie time zoned guild, I am having a blasted with my new vampire nightbalde, I also own all expansion and dlc packs, so I shouldn't be locked out of any content ;)

    I love using discord and my discord name is: Syco#4918

    I play almost everyday for as long as I can manage :)

    I hope to hear from you soon.
    [If i'm offline on discord pls msg me anyway - it's linked to my mobile, Ty]
  • AlanTheDragonLord
    @coldfirenexus thanks for your interest, I've sent you an invite. Welcome to the guild :)
  • Zhephiria
    Soul Shriven
    Count me in @Zhephiria
  • AlanTheDragonLord
    @Zhephiria welcome to the Crusaders :)
  • Tager42
    Soul Shriven
    im deffinetly interested @Tager42 :)
  • AlanTheDragonLord
    @Tager42 thanks for joining the Crusaders :)
  • Moiskormoimi
    Do I have to be AU based? I'm US but I am a third shifter that usually plays at key AU times, albeit during the week mainly.
  • BoFitz
    im a returning player, the name is @BoFitz
  • AlanTheDragonLord
    @ragingphoinix and @BoFitz welcome to the Crusaders, hope you enjoy your stay with us :)
  • Unlubed
    Soul Shriven
    Hey hows it going, would love to have an invite to your guild. Brand new player, tried ESO multiple times through it's release.

    Finally getting into the game after a good while and I am loving it. Feeling quite lonely at peak times though, would be great to join a nice Aussie community. I play very casually in the afternoons, but that may change down the road.

    Discord: Unlubed#9160
    ESO Username: Unlubed

    Mainly just looking for guidance and answers, as well as mates.
  • AlanTheDragonLord
    Unlubed wrote: »
    Mainly just looking for guidance and answers, as well as mates.

    You'll find plenty of that in the Crusaders :) I've sent you an invite, welcome to the guild
  • Mujum
    Soul Shriven
    Would love an invite! IGN: @Mujum and I also have discord as well ^^
  • AlanTheDragonLord
    @Mujum welcome to the Crusaders :)
  • Rabbits260
    Soul Shriven
    Hey mate looking for a AUS guild endgame stuff, @peanut48 invite plz
  • Unlubed
    Soul Shriven
    Unlubed wrote: »
    Mainly just looking for guidance and answers, as well as mates.

    You'll find plenty of that in the Crusaders :) I've sent you an invite, welcome to the guild

    Hey Alan thanks a lot for the invite, all joined up. I had forgotten to mention that I have another character that I'm going to play more than my DK. If I could grab another invite that would be sweet, thanks a lot.

    Username: Baba Yagai
  • AlanTheDragonLord
    @rabbits_foot4 your invite was sent, welcome to the guild.

    @Unlubed you don't need an invitation per character. You're in the guild, all your characters are in the guild too :)
  • LeGreenie
    Soul Shriven
    @LeGreenie i'm a returning AU player and I was hoping to have some mates in my timezone to do stuff wid
  • AlanTheDragonLord
    @LeGreenie welcome to the guild :)
  • Akaon1972
    Soul Shriven
    Heya @akaon1972 here I was in the 'Star' a while back but had to leave the game. Now I'm back and wouldn't mind being part of a guild again. If you are willing to have me back toss me a line :) Thanks :D
  • AlanTheDragonLord
    @Akaon1972 welcome back :)
  • Senza
    Soul Shriven
    Hey mate, returning NZ player - re-leveling a fresh char since I've forgotten half the stuff over the last few years . Keen to get an invite if possible - @Senza
  • AlanTheDragonLord
    @Senza welcome to the guild :)
  • rickyf16aus
    Soul Shriven
    Hi I'd like to join the guild. Guess what the aus in my name stands for.
  • AlanTheDragonLord
    @rickyf16aus invite has been sent, welcome to the Crusaders :)
  • AlanTheDragonLord
    The Crusaders are still recruiting, if there's anyone out there that wants to join the upcoming fight against the dragons with like-minded people :)
  • Butterflyeffekt
    Soul Shriven
    Would like an invite when you can :smile: @Butterflyeffekt
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