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* The Black-Thorne Society: Situations Wanted! (RP Guild/XBOX/NA)


To Anyone Seeking a New Situation,

Do you like liquor?
Like to travel & explore new cultures?
Know a thing or two about brewing, cooking, or crafting?
Enjoy a good brawl? Have a soul born to protect or battle?
Do you heed the call of a more sacred path?
Know a thing or two about plants & animals?
Maybe you've got an eye for great deals? Can sell the shirt off your back?
Or are you an artist looking to create or perform the next great work?!

If any of these sound like you, we've got a job for you!

The Black-Thorne Society, an expanding distillery, needs fresh faces for our budding label!

We are seeking motivated individuals who are not averse to hard work & long hours.

As a newly formed organization we are starting from the ground up & require those dedicated & willing to assist in the development of The Black-Thorne Society Label.

If you desire to learn more, please send any inquiries to The Flaming Nix in Mournhold or the nearest Mages' Guild/Fighters' Guild in your local area, care of The High Council

Occupations currently available within our following factions: Do Kha'jay, Merchants' Guild, & Bureau of Cultural Affairs & Exploration!

~The High Council

"Fortune Favors the Bold!"

want to learn more? Visit our website: The Black-Thorne Society...
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"The games are immaterial. What matters are the stakes. We do what must be done. Regardless of the sacrifice."
~Leila Ashcroft, The White Queen
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