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Official Discussion Thread for "Announcing Alfiq Outfits for the Bethesda Gear Store"

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This is the official discussion thread for the article Announcing Alfiq Outfits for the Bethesda Gear Store. Want to give your real-life Khajiit a purrfect Elsweyr-inspired look? We are pleased to announce Alfiq Outfits, now available in the Bethesda Gear Store.

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  • Jaeysa
    $100k - this is an april fools joke, right?
    Yes. Yes it is.
    Edited by Jaeysa on April 1, 2019 2:11PM
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  • yooqi
    I will definitely be grabbing 'Indolent Alfiq Freeloader' for my dear kitty. It just represents her so well and it's such a steal at only 100 gold too.

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  • Holmarion19
    These are wonderful!
  • Morgul667
    lol nice one
  • VaranisArano
    I don't even have a cat and I want these to be real.
  • Tirps
    cp1k+ ( ´•౪•`)
  • Tommy_The_Gun
    I bet the "real live" cat is not amused... :D
  • Hippie4927
    My cat would scratch my eyes out if I tried to put one of those on him! He would definitely NOT be amused.
  • SirLeeMinion
    My dog endorses this product. He also feels that adding booties to cover kitty's claws would be cute and not at all pay to win.
  • valeriiya
    Awww I would've actually bought these for my real life khajiit!
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    "Thank you for your continued patience and understanding"
  • Svenja
    Now i really want this.
    Can someone please make those? :D
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  • Eshja
    Why I always believe in things like that :open_mouth:
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  • Red_Feather
    :D Goes from silly premise to abundance of pet puns. That was the best.
  • MissBizz
    Community Ambassador
    The April Fool patch notes are still the best april fools joke :p
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  • Recremen
    I know this is a joke, but to be super serial for a second here, the Alfiq costumes really are quite amazing!!
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  • goldenarcher1
  • jaws343
    These would legit sell out.
  • Ilsabet
    I like that somebody actually made those mockups for their actual cat.
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  • Tekalynn

    That was when I began to suspect I'd been had (correctly), but would not be the BEST COSTUME EVAR?
  • ezio45
    im assuming this is an april fools day joke

    if its not, good luck with that. my cats would straight up murder me if i tried this
  • driosketch
    Hippie4927 wrote: »
    My cat would scratch my eyes out if I tried to put one of those on him! He would definitely NOT be amused.

    I thought that eye patch looked a little big on the cat. Turns out it goes on the human.
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  • SantieClaws
    Community Ambassador
    There is a twitter account called cat cosplay you might all be interested in yes...

    Yours with paws
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