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Looking for 4 man progression team.

My husband and I are looking for a 4 man progression team. We took a break this past year but have HM's up to and including Scalecaller Peak and Fang Lair. We both pull 50k+ as magdps and I also heal, have all those HM's on my healer actually and not my magblade. With that said we have not been in any of the newer dungeons past SP and FL, or BRP and would really love to progress through them. So looking for tank/dps or tank/healer who might be interested. Can contact me here, or dcg81 (xbox gamertag), or Zeruiah#2215 on discord. Thanks.
  • SkoobySnaxx
    im down to tank. just dm me skoobysnaxx95 if you ever need a tank. im practicing tanking
  • Draininglizzard
    If your interested my wife and I run all roles. We been looking a cool couple of people to get clears with. GT Draininglizzard. Due to update we won't be on till Wednesday evening.
  • wbernardo24
    If times align I can fill Dps or heal roles for end game stuff GT crabby 666
  • May_Hymn
    Hey wbernardo24. Few matches come up for your GT but none that match 'crabby 666' exactly.
  • May_Hymn
    Just an update as we have had some people reach out and connect. Had to take a short break due to RL events. However, we have a small group of people who are all interested in 4man content and are great players. Looking for a few more to fill spots when others can't be around. Super chill and skilled group.

    Possibly grow into a trial team but we're not in a rush to do so, as we'd like to keep it chill, get to know each other and build teamwork through 4man endgame content. For now we have a discord named "learning center" and a guild named "Sotha Sil's Science Squad". If you're interested in joining, contact me here, or GT: dcg81 on Xbox, or Zeruiah#2215 on discord.
    Edited by May_Hymn on June 20, 2019 6:47PM
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