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Quest markers making me walk across half the world for no reason

I was in Hew's Bane when I decided to focus a quest asking me to go to Stros M'kay. Since I did not have the wayshrine for Stros M'kay I have decided to follow the quest marker. This is the route it took me:

Hew's Bane >
Woodheart >
Markbruk >
Eldern Root >
Haven >
Skywatch >
Vulkhel Guard >
Daggerfall >
Stros M'kai

...all the while I have already had the Daggerfall wayshrine available to me. If only I knew that the ship to Stros M'kay leaves from Daggerfall I could have avoided wasting all this time.

Expected behavior: The quest marker should take wayshrines into account and lead me to the nearest shrine, and then to the nearest discovered to my target. So in my case:

Hew's Bane >
Daggerfall >
Stros M'kai
  • ShellaSunshine
    All wayshrines on all of the starter zones are already unlocked for all characters regardless if you've been there or not.

    This includes:
    Stros M'kai
    Khenarthi's Roost
    Bleakrock Isle

    All you had to do was go to any wayshrine and click on the wayshrine that is already unlocked on the Stros M'kai island right outside of the town.
  • DBZVelena
    This is why i always do a quest location search first then pick my own path.
    It's nice all that we can sail/travel with from one alliance to another. but that's only helpful when your closest waypoint is 2 maps away.
    What are Natch Potes? Can you eat those?
    I believe in Genie-Gina.
  • Stratloc
    I've experienced this as well. Sometimes I've decided to follow the quest marker by foot and it ends up taking me some obscure route across half of Tamriel no matter how many wayshrines I may or may not have unlocked. I have not been avle to find the logic behind these routes.
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