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All addons disappear from list in game

Soul Shriven
so this seems to be an issue for more than just me but here goes what I have done and can't find the answer to .

First install, I installed on my D drive and the addons on the second run of the game completely disappeared.

So, I tried a fresh install to the default C drive to see if there is an issue localizing the path to the addons.

Again, on the first run of logging in game from a fresh install the addons were all on the list.

Then I logged out completely and closed the game. Relaunched the game entirely.

All addons again were missing from the addons list.


The default addon location hadn't changed nor have any of the addons been removed.

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  • Iarao
    i had this (similar?) problem with win10 and minion. something about the cloud drive win10 wants to hook you up on. i disabled it and reinstalled the addons via minion and they went to my hard drive. but if you want your addons on that cloud drive you need to reroute in some manner. best i can tell you.
    Edited by Iarao on March 11, 2019 3:22PM
  • Baertram
    It's OneDrive of windows which stores your user directory and Minion/eso is not able to find it there. Just remove the users directory from OneDrive.

    if this does not slove it search for the file AddonSettings.txt on all harddrives and check where it is located. Put the addons in the subfolder "AddOns" then where this file is located and the game should find it again (if not on OneDrive).
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