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Xbox NA Social Guild WANTS YOU!! (Housing, trials, and LOADS OF FUN!!) 300+ members

Hey everyone!! My super fun guild is recruiting!
Spears of Hircine is a Xbox NA social guild!! We have active chat every evening and even during the days a lot!! 300+ members
-We love to show people the ropes around here in a fun and friendly environment. So no matter what you need help with, we have people to help! From gear, builds, dungeons, trials, and more we have you covered. Several master crafters and several guild houses with crafting, ,mundus, and transmute!!!
-We also have vet trials teams (team 2 is looking for DPS 30k and higher and an off tank, newer group, great for getting into vet trials)
-A lot of vet trial plunder runs and stuff going on in chat.
-Don't do trials? That's ok we have a pretty social bunch of people and we do all kinds of other stuff!! INCLUDING HOUSING CONTESTS !!!! No dues, no trader. (If you need a trader I can hook you up with an amazing trader family.)
- AND we give out great prizes every month!!! Raffles, murder farms, screenshot contests, there is always something for everyone AND make some money!
I HIGHLY RECOMEND JOINING OUR BAND you can get an invite there and see what we are all about.
Hey, join our 'Spears of Hircine' group on BAND - The app for groups and communities!
Xbox NA Housing Enthusiast & Vet Trial Healer *Heals in all classes*

Vet Trial Necrommancer Tank currently OT in Kynes Aegis

ESO Community Supporter and Tamriel Activist *Doesn't condone the filthy high elf ways*
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