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Race change problem


So I just race changed my characted from Breton to High Elf and i noticed my character hasn't learned to craft in High Elf style, just Breton. As if the race change didn't considered to also change the crafting style materials, i know i could just learn the thing but i don't really know where, all i have read says i should just look inside buildings for the mofit but so far i haven't find it yet.

I also tried sending a ticket but i can't login to submit it as of now, so i decided to post here and see if anyone has a solution.

Thank you for reading :)
  • Taleof2Cities
    A High Elf motif book is extremely cheap these days at guild stores ... you should be able find one for only a couple hundred gold maximum out of pocket.

    If you're on PC NA, just send me a whisper and I can send you one (no charge).
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