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Xbox EU - What happened after last Maintenance

Is it only me or did performance really went down drastically since yesterdays Maintenance.

I was in BG got feared had a full stamina bar but no break free needed to wait the full fear to get free and this did not happened only once. Overall the experience in BG last night was horrible.

What happened? :neutral:
Xbox EU
  • frostz417
    Xbox NA is suffering too
  • Defilted
    Played in Shor XBOX NA last night for about 5 hours and the performance was normal. Maybe just BG's effected?

    Edited by Defilted on February 21, 2019 2:02PM
    XBOX Series X

  • WoppaBoem
    Funny two conflicting messages. This is for me not the first I noticed that after maintenance if ether went down or up for performance. I really hope it can be sorted soon and we are not stuck on this level of performance until next maintenance.
    Xbox EU
  • InstantNewbles
    Soul Shriven
    My ground AoEs are often getting stuck or simply not going off

    The DK firebreathing is not going off unless I stop what I'm doing click the button and patiently wait 1-2 seconds. LA + cast doesn't work

    My 2h doesn't show as a weapon in my hands. My last weapon, a bow, can be seen underground when I'm on the 2h bar. Reload UI fixes that, but it is annoying when you have to do it after every zone in/out

    in vMazz my Resto heavy attack was not firing on gold Chudan or the other minicut boss within the fight.

    I experienced these issues in 4k and 1080p

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