n00b looking for a home

Soul Shriven
Hey all, new to ESO, loving it, second Elder Scrolls game. Would like to join a guild that has no dues, flexible of course. I’m guessing crafting is what I’d like the most. Enchanting and armour/weapon crafting is what I’d focus mostly on.

Oh yea highest level is 14 sorcerer

Lleeaa88 is my GT. Hope some of you look out for me.
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  • PoseidonEvil
    ...:: Minor Sorcery ::...

    •18+ Dungeons and Trials guild, Xbox NA
    •Seeking players to fill dps, tank, and healer roles
    •New and experienced players welcome
    •Casual, relaxed atmosphere where new players can learn mechanics, rotations, and any other
    game related info they might not already know
    •Trial progression groups to start once the roster has been built
    •Gear farms, vet mechanic practices, HM runs, arena runs, easier dungeon grouping
    outside of dungeon finder
    •Discord ran guild
    •Be apart of a community that lets you play the way you want to and not by anyone elses standards. Vet trials
    can still be done without BiS, in Minor Sorcery we dont believe in cliquing up, or forcing other players to play a certain
    way. APPLY TODAY!!!
    In-game ID: alchelvly
    Phixeon Maghi -- Breton Healer
    Harrow the Souleater -- Breton Necro Healer
    Krogyle dro-Smoketh -- Orc Stamdk
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