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Some out-of-the-box-ideas that I would like to see in my primary residence that is also used by members of my guild:


Target dummies that hit back
Konstant_Tel_Necris 1 vote
Access to my guild bank (If I am the guilds owner)
Private merchants that can repair
Target dummies that mimic Dungeon boss mechanics
marius_buysHati 2 votes
More placement space
moonsugar66AgrivarIruil_ESOAimoraDerlfakValagashKnightsMentorLazraelagegartonLadyNalcaryaKrainor1974LadyHeloiseVanthras79eso_nyaLady_Scorp72Jthomas56Starlight_KnightGalarthorMixithAlinhbo_Tyaka 26 votes
A notice board that displays the message of the day or guilds about us info
ghastleyKMarble 2 votes
Acces to my guild store (If I am the guild owner)
Traps etc. as place-able housing items
SchokoladeNoTimeToWait 2 votes
A notification when a player enters my private residence
MrGravesskrvbb10rd 2 votes
A placeable wayshrine so visitors can port out for free
Solarikengimpdrb14_ESOTurelusElara_NorthwindUntrustedExistenzperditionerEpicRekkoningPeacatcherLordWenzelBretonMageAshrynRavenayleheavyvogueFusharji_Seht 14 votes
  • Turelus
    Community Ambassador
    A placeable wayshrine so visitors can port out for free
    Wayshrine please, in various styles so we can make them match our homes.
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  • marius_buys
    Target dummies that mimic Dungeon boss mechanics
    Actually I would like a bunch of stuff more but I was limited to 10 items :)


    a) Target dummies that move and self heal (PvP practice)
    b) A notice board that tell you which traders are open
    (and the ability to hire mid week)
    c) A selection of standard (and alternating) voice welcomes when you enter the residence
    d) A open world sets of noticeboards that tell you where guilds are located
    (As many customers go down the drain if the guild relocates)
    Edited by marius_buys on February 5, 2019 12:09PM
  • Vanthras79
    More placement space
    I wish books were in a separate category than traditional furnishings. I would decorate my home with them even more.
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  • Earrindo
    I would also like to see books dealt with in regards to item count.
    I love having all my books in one place, but it isn't possible with item counts.
    What would be ideal is instead of flagging them as a separate type of furnishing with its own limit, is to have them not count towards the limit period.

    Years ago, EQ2 did this, and it made a huge difference. Books simply shouldn't count towards the limit, or maybe every 10 books count as a single item slot taken.
    I would love to get a real and proper library set up so I can settle in and read properly.
  • Elara_Northwind
    A placeable wayshrine so visitors can port out for free
    I also would love to place all of my books, and would absolutely love more of a variety of NPC's! Poor Tythis is getting old.

    I also think that notice boards and guild store/bank access in houses is a really cool idea! :smiley:
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  • Ravenayle
    A placeable wayshrine so visitors can port out for free
    Also.. more housing item slots! We have some houses that are huge that it is impossibly to fully decorate with the number we are restricted to.

    Even small homes could use a boost.
  • AdamskiAlders
    Definitely agree with the book ideas, I miss my Skyrim and Oblivion book hoarding and Library building and wish I could do it properly on ESO.
  • Agrivar
    More placement space
    To all the book-loving librarians in this thread, please feel free to visit my Snowglobe on PC/NA - 600 item slots, on such a reasonable plot size, is "enough" room for the ~300 books that exist AND decor!

    It's not currently my primary, so you'll need Port to Friends or Essential Housing Tools to get there... AND there are some really cool FX added via EHT... so you may want to poke me in-game for an FX share! :-)
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  • NoTimeToWait
    Traps etc. as place-able housing items
    You should have been more specific about "placement space" option.
    I think we have enough placement space in our houses, it is the furnishing slots that we lack.
  • ghastley
    A notice board that displays the message of the day or guilds about us info
    I can't agree with the banker, as the inter-server communication issues that would introduce make it too difficult.

    I can't see why a merchant shouldn't repair, though, as you can do so yourself while in the private home instance. But I'm not convinced that merchants are a big deal anyway.

    I'd prefer the slot issue to be addressed by making it less necessary for us to use up slots for things like individual fruit, books in bookshelves, etc. More bowls of fruit, filled bookcases etc. would be better. (Quill, inkwell and papers as a unit?)

    I don't really feel a lack of porting out, as I can go to another home directly, and many have adjacent wayshrines (Mournoth, Cyrodiil Jungle House, for example), so even homes that are well off the beaten path aren't a big issue if you own the others.

    A notice board would add something that doesn't currently exist. It would lead the devs in a new direction.

    I almost voted for one of the target dummy choices, but there's a lot more to making that work than either option covers. You need something for tanks and healers to test their effectiveness, not just for DD's to test their dodge and block.
  • Derlfak
    More placement space
    I'd also like to be able to pick up, do and turn in my daily crafting writs
  • marius_buys
    Target dummies that mimic Dungeon boss mechanics
    I see that I need to clarify:
    Access to the guild store at the guild owners private residence
    via the guild owners banker for all players in the guild.
  • LordWenzel
    A placeable wayshrine so visitors can port out for free
    That or just teleports at no costs
  • katanagirl1
    Soul Shriven
    If the Crown store merchant could repair gear like all other merchants, and the Crown store banker could access my guild banks and stores like other bankers, I would consider buying them. Until then, I can't see spending crowns on them. I still have to visit a city to do those things anyway.

    Those Murkmire plant furnishings in the Crown store already function as traps and deal damage to players who visit.
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