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Looking for a laid back, social, PVX guild? Then look no further! Knights of Obesity Want you!

The Knights Of Obesity is a guild that is looking to start up and deliver what you are looking for in a guild. Fun, Laughs, actually using voice communication...these are just a few of the things that we will be doing right out of the gate.


We want the game to be a fun experience for all of our members! With that being said we do have the following:

1. Full guild hall with crafting tables.
2. Trials and 3 mil target dummies for your use
3. 1st class dueling arena for you to hone your skills of death and destruction
4. Master Crafters to help you learn, improve and obtain the gear you need and want.
5. The Guild leader has years of eso experience and is willing to help and promote good times.

What are we looking for?

1. Adult members, this guild is an adult guild only. you must be over 18 to hang. We like to have fun and joke with an adult sense of humor, so to be respectful we dont want to subject minors to that sort of thing.
2. We would like you to join our discord page. the invite link is
3. We are looking for a few members who would like to take a leading role in helping us get off the ground and have fun. If this is you then please dont hesitate to contact the GM directly.

How to join:

Message Shroudonus5735 in game on on xbox live for an invite!
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