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World Map has disappeared

Soul Shriven
When i hit M i dont get the map. I have to either hit J then "show on map" or use a wayshrine. I have checked to make sure it wasnt hotkeyed to another letter and it isnt. I am at a loss here.
    Did you ever find a resolution? This just happened to me today. M brings up the map completion and locations, but the map is empty. Quest map works, and wayshrines work, but not the regular world map
  • Shadowshire

    On which platform and megaserver are you playing TESO? ZOS cannot investigate your report without that information. (See Guidelines for Bug Report Forum)

    For the PC platform, an addon named No World MapWayshrines will display a world map on which only the respective zones are shown, each with a different color from the zones adjacent to it. After the player selects the zone, it displays the zone with wayshrines, etc. like the zone map displayed by using a Wayshrine.

    But I don't suppose that you are using it. Nonetheless, if you are running any other add-on which alters the World Map in any way, or which displays a mini-map, then disable such add-ons and see whether that makes any difference. One or more of them could be interfering with displaying the World Map.

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