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•2 Guilds •1 Community •Guild House (ALL Mundus) •BAND •Trade •Social

The Iron Foundry
•No Dues Ever!
•Forged with new players in mind but ALL are welcome. This is a great place to get started and learn the ropes.
•Benefits: guild hall (all mundus), guild store, crafters, vamp/wolf bites, & more!
•We only ask that you try to keep your 30 slots in the guild store as full as possible to maintain membership.
•Casual, pve/pvp, trade

*Looking for a guild that’s a bit more serious? Check out our parent guild below:

The Elder Foundry
Weekly Lottery!
•Active in all aspects of the game but primarily focuses on trading & pve activities.
•All players and skill levels are welcomed.

•Need help killing world bosses? Need a tank to finish a challenging vet dungeon? We are always willing to help with any content.
•Assembling a core group to start running trials regularly.

•We are working hard to stake our claim in the trader scene so our members have an opportunity to make it rich.
•To this end we do require 5k weekly dues, this allows us to be competitive in our bids for a trader stall.
•We do offer other discounted options as well: 20k/month, 200k/year, 500k/lifetime = Elder rank.

•You’re allowed to join 5 guilds, why not make us one?
•Xbox message: Baneful Legion, Kojak913, or CrescentLunaR29 for invite. You can also request invite via this post.

Plz like/comment to keep the post active. If after reading this you find you aren’t interested, plz express why & don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Thank you and happy adventures!
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  • Baneful_Legion
    Just got buried in 2ft of snow! Ugh
  • Baneful_Legion
    We give away a crown crate every week!
  • Baneful_Legion
    Who’s excited for Elsweyr?! New province, new class, dragons! What more could you want?! Besides the return of the Dwemer!
  • Baneful_Legion
    Who’s changing their main to a Necro?
  • lucas928
    Could i get an invite? i love to group with people when i can and am looking for a good trader/PVE guild. since I'm a seasoned player, i would prefer The Elder Foundry if there is space available, but if not that's okay. im a returning player at level CP 80 and really getting back into ESO. My GT is xXHaykEye623Xx.
  • ELawlis
    Soul Shriven
    I'd love an invite, No problem keeping trade slots full. Do you have a trader? GT: ELawlis
  • Baneful_Legion
    Invites will be sent as soon as possible. Currently we do not have a public trader. We bid every week though.
    Edited by Baneful_Legion on January 25, 2019 6:20AM
  • Baneful_Legion
    Happy Friday everyone! Xbox on!🥃
  • Baneful_Legion
    We have have our drawings every Sunday. Don’t miss your chance to get a CROWN CRATE! The Lottery is up to 125k! Sign up today and deposit dues for eligibility.
  • Baneful_Legion
    Congratulations to CrescentLunaR29! Our crown crate winner for the week of 1/26.
  • Baneful_Legion
    Welcome all new members! We just launched our official BAND plz join & check us out.
  • Baneful_Legion
    Hope everyone is staying warm out there.
  • Lexx_Sollus45
    Soul Shriven
    Gt Lexx Sollus
    If I could join that would be great! Definitely need a new trading guild!
  • Baneful_Legion
    I’ll send an invite as soon as I can, plz make sure you have a guild slot open. Ty!
  • Baneful_Legion
    Happy Friday everyone!
  • Baneful_Legion
    Big welcome to all new members!
  • Cjfowler66b14_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    Hi Baneful!

    I’ve been looking for a new trading guild recently and have a ton of stuff to put on the market! Would love to join up if you’ve got room

    Gt: XI Nightfury IX
  • Baneful_Legion
    Invite has been sent.
  • Baneful_Legion
    We now have ALL Mundus Stones, visit Baneful Legion’s residence.
  • Baneful_Legion
    Hope everyone is enjoying the event!
  • Baneful_Legion
    Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!
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