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If you could create your own spell what would it do?

  • Mintaka5
    Mr_Walker wrote: »
    Anyone who tbags gets their account deleted for not being old enough to play.

    Spell of Maturity Check.

    I'm in my 40s and I am an avid teabagger. Ban me, I dare ya!

    Play style. Style of play. Play with style!

    PC/NA - Altmer MagSorc DPS
  • Hurbster
    I'd create a stam heal and aoe.
  • Girl_Number8
    Get rid of nerf threads, stop the cheating fractions purple and green, and make them hire a larger team with new servers that really do play the game. Those three spells to start. :*
  • JadonSky
    Mintaka5 wrote: »
    Mr_Walker wrote: »
    Anyone who tbags gets their account deleted for not being old enough to play.

    Spell of Maturity Check.

    I'm in my 40s and I am an avid teabagger. Ban me, I dare ya!

    Yeah us old folk invited the teabag. The rest are just posers >:)
  • ghastley
    I want a spell of immunity to slaughterfish, so I explore more.
  • Seenoevil
    Liquid fire/frost for mag sorc depending on staff

    A poison lash for stam dk, a stam version of flame lash is needed

    A non damaging mirror for nbs when 1 nightblade becomes 2 pick which one is doing the damage,the mirror would have zero resist (useful for soaking up an opposing ulti)

    Frost pillar summon for wardens so you can instantly LOS people

    And a healing version of POTL for Templars, up to a maximum of 20% from of all damage taken over 6 seconds is stored and given as a heal up to a maximum of 18k
  • merevie
    A bounce spell. Useable on horseback after not seeing a cliff, when 'stuck' and to ninja from tree to tree.
  • AlboMalefica
    Aoe taunt
  • Vasoka
    It would make you stop flooding the forums with endless BS threads.
  • Jhalin
    Toggleable healing

    Toggleable invisibility

    Toggleable elemental damage


    Constantly drain mag for the duration at equal rate until it runs out, so mag classes can use them longer but stam classes can use them just as effectively
    J'halin Alris - 50 Khajiit Stamblade
    Ziryne - 50 Altmer Magplar, Healer
    Varus Arano - 50 Dunmer MagSorc
    Raza al-Qerik - 50 Redguard DK, Tank
    Darien Sorick - <50 Breton Stamplar, Tank
    Do-Khaizo - <50 Khajiit Stamden
    Caerdolos - <50 Dunmer ("Maormer") StamSorc
    Varona Drelos - 50 Dunmer Magblade
  • technohic
    Speed and snare root removal and immunity in 1 ability not as vampire
    Technohic - DC Templar
    Technohicz - DC Nightblade
    Technohix - DC Sorc
    TechDKnohic - DC DK
  • Cpt_Teemo
    Spell of "Release ES6 Now"
  • codestripper
    It would do this...

    Since everyone seems to be doing this,
    DPS Builds:
    - Magicka Sorcerer (Pet) [Flawless Conqueror @ 565CP] - 582k
    - Magicka Nightblade [Flawless Conqueror @ 780CP] - 575k
    - Stamina Sorcerer [Flawless Conqueror @ 420CP] - 560k
    - Magicka Templar [Stormproof] - 550k
    - Magicka Warden [Stormproof] - 510k
    - Stamina Templar [In Development]
    - Stamina DK [In Development]
    - Stamina NB [Under 50]
  • Hiddle
    Spell to destroy ZOS nerf hammer so that my Sorcerer can survive for more than one quarter.
  • MrWesleyPipes
    not that everyone hasnt already stated the obvious, fix PVP lag
  • Toc de Malsvi
    Toc de Malsvi
    Another ranged single target DoT to stack with Poison Injection.
    Legendary Archer of Valenwood
    Bosmer Dragon Knight Archer. XBox One. (Flawless Conqueror Bow/Bow)
    Bosmer Nightblade Archer. Xbox One. (Flawless Conqueror Bow/Bow)
    Bosmer Sorcerer Archer. Xbox One. (Flawless Conqueror Bow/Bow)
    Bosmer Warden Archer. Xbox One. (Flawless Conqueror Bow/Bow)
    Templar's are evil..
  • AhPook_Is_Here
    It would be cool if you could make a spell that bound your credit card info to a text msg to Panda Express so you could order delivery with 1 button.
    -Unknown American
  • Tabbycat
    Force you to do my bidding. Bwahahahaha.
    Founder and Co-GM of The Psijic Order Guild (NA)
  • paulychan
    Nerf caller self implosion followed by shower of flowers and huzzahs.

    Toxic area chat executioner

    Silicone doll cleaner
  • kypranb14_ESO
    I would make an ability with the following:

    - 28 Meter Range
    - DoT, heals for a portion of the damage done. (Yes, like the DK skill Burning Embers)
    - Prefer to have the animation Blood/Shadow themed.

    I honestly wish the Debilitate morph of Cripple would do this. It fits with the Siphoning-Healing theme, it supports the Magblade self-healing play-style, and thanks to Major Defile being so prevalent in PVP it would be anything but overpowered.
    Edited by kypranb14_ESO on January 11, 2019 12:12AM
  • Mettaricana
    Aoe dot life steal that gets stronger the more targets in its range.

    I'm everything that doesn't belong in the pact but i'm there anyway...
  • karekiz
    Snipe with 80% snare and 50% chance to root. Against wardens it will also channel a chain CC.
  • coop500
    A new werewolf ability
    *Taunt one enemy and receive major ward and major resolve*
    Toon list:
    PC NA:
    Chip Ahoy: Magicka Templar khajiit WW healer and crafter of metals, clothes, leather and wood
    Rose Scale: Magicka Nightblade argonian WW DPS and 'evil' toon (steals stuff from barrels)
    Snip Ahoy: Stamina Dragonknight khajiit WW tank
    Walks-Through-Corn: Magicka Templar argonian Vampire tank and also cooks food
    Snowy Kitten: Magicka Sorcerer khajiit WW healer and also makes glyphs
    Valerie Ahoy: Stamina Nightblade khajiit WW DPS/tank
    Mixes-With-Mud: Stamina Warden khajiit WW DPS and also mixes potions
    Tyrenan: Magicka Warden khajiit healer
    Always-Brings-Light: Magicka Dragonknight argonian WW DPS
    Howls-At-Moons: Stamina Warden argonian WW healer
    Giggles-At-Everything: Stamina Sorc argonian WW DPS
    Hugger-Of-Griffons: Stamina DK argonian WW poison focused DPS and ring/necklace crafter.

    Wishlist from ZOS: Chestnut Unicorn mount and the Lilmothiit race, would definitely pay 10K crowns or even 20K crowns for it.

  • Na0cho
    One of the first spells I made in Morrowind back in the day was a modified jump spell kind of like that one corpse you found outside of Seyda neen had. I could jump from vivec way past balmora. Had so much fun with that spell even though half the time I’d die if I didn’t time the feather fall spell right.

    There’s so many things in eso that I SHOULD be able to jump over and my character can’t that it drives me nuts at times. A jump spell definitely!

    Another handy spell would be Empathic Vibe. So everyone could see the other persons point of view. Kind of like the gun in hitchhikers guide to the galaxy.
  • Tasear
    It would do this...


    What is this from?
    Famous Healer, Loving Guild Master, Forum Resident
    Former Class Representative, & Former Community Ambassador
    Grand Prize Winner to Deardic Dress up Contest
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    Affiliations: BBC Gaming Guild, Akvari Exchange, Imperial Trade Union, Moonlight Travelers, Raiding Strategy Academy
    Trial History: Magic Society Core Healer, Rolling Cliff Hangers Core Healer, Kongpanions Core Healer, Moonlight Core Healer
  • Fur_like_snow
    Stamina proxy detonation that does physical damage adds a DoT that scales based on the number of enemies hit with the initial blast. This could also work as a stamancer skill.

    Spell steal would be another idea. It allows you to take the buff with the longest remaining duration from an enemy player.
    Edited by Fur_like_snow on January 12, 2019 5:35AM
  • Morgul667
    Anything for stamsorc

    Say a spammable that does not force you into spin to win playstyle
  • barney2525
    bring me pizza and beer
  • barney2525
    It would create a sword made of magical energy that is used like a sword but does magic damage and returns magicka. It would be and would look like pure energy. When you are done you absorb the energy sword into yourself and it's gone until you cast the spell to create it again. The sword would be one hand so you could wield it as melee and cast spells with the other hand, think energy bolt attacks from one hand while you hack and slash with the other.

    You want a light saber? Which game are we playing again?
  • KhajiitFelix
    templesus wrote: »
    Stamina version of ele-drain.

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