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Most Serious Issue with the Game?

  • Datthaw
    You can't say besides lag. Lag is the ONLY problem worth fixing atm. Anything else is just piddly little things that don't matter because you're lagging too much.
  • Tandor
    Lag isn't an issue for me, whether on the PC EU or PC NA server. The only issue I have with the game itself is the trading system which needs a lot of revamping, whilst outside the game this forum has gone downhill a lot in recent months.
  • Coolits
    Predatory gambling boxes removed.
  • Azyle1
    Lag, Balancing, making ALL content accessible for Stam characters.
  • teladoy
    Necromancers are OP, they need a nerf!
  • GreenhaloX
    Their inability to separate nerfing for PvP from PvE. That's what I see is one the biggest issue(s) of the game. I can't even see how all the nerfing and balance have benefited PvP. PvP has been so jacked up for such a long time. Does it even matter what balance is supposedly in place when you're crashing, stuttering and game convulsing/lagging continuously. On the other end of the spectrum in PvE land, all the nerfing balance have weaken classes and toons left and right. Sure, there have been buffs as well, but don't dent the difference of all the nerfing throughout the past years.

    Hey.. I don't want to be all negative Nancy. The game is still incredible is its own rights with such expansiveness and awe-inspiring, picturesque sceneries and graphic. For anyone brand new and just experiencing the game, they will be mesmerized; loads of fun, countless hours of entertainment with combat and exploration and many other things to do beside killing things. Kudos for Zen and Bethesda, otherwise..
  • SilverPaws
    Zenimax is the issue.
  • Minyassa
    Too many utterly horrible people in Cyrodiil making PvP unappealing. My flip answer is usually something about separate PvE and PvP servers but honestly if there weren't so many PvPers who are just terrible humans I would *love* PvP.
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  • ezio45
    I would say performance and balance
  • Knootewoot
    Hybrid builds.

    I know we have pelenials aptisomething. But it just scales of highest stat. It doesn't take max recource and crit in account. So as a hybrid your always gimped (unless you just want uber healing as a stamina character)

    I wish the set would do not only max spell/weapon damage, but also takes the corresponding recourse and crit in account and also uses that resource. So magicka users can also use some weapins instead of always that boring staff
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  • DjMuscleboy02
    My biggest problem lies with CP. I don't think it should be removed altogether, I think it ads a cool aspect as you level up and brings some more diversity to certain areas of the game. However, we barely need to even worry about splitting CP or what goes where anymore since we have so many points we can just get whatever we want. I think CP should be capped at around 300-500 and each CP requires the same xp to gain, not this the higher you go the harder it gets nonsense. Each CP, in my opinion, should be around 40-60k xp give or take. At the current rate, not even mentioning all the balance issues and killing off older content, it takes months if not a year or more for new players to even be considered for late game content unless they come in knowing what they want to do and grind hard.

    I think lowering the CP cap and leaving it there would not only stop this expanding gap in content difficulty, but would also encourage more players to stick with the game. Personally I play MMOs to play with people and do group content, whether it be PvP or PvE. If it's going to take me months to get to end game level, I typically don't stick with the game very long. End game should be a gear grind, not a level grind.

  • Elwendryll
    My issue. The lack of diversity in endgame builds. I think this is indirectly caused by how stacking dps allows to ignore most mechanics.
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  • Zardayne
    The lack of the devs in listening to the Mag warden's cries to everything from, clunky combat, double barring bear, nerfing bear damage, double clicking ability just to get in creased damage, too many buffs, low dps, arctic blast issues etc. I feel this is a major issue to me and from what I read others but there's just not enough of us to be heard obviously.

    Second would have to be Cyrodiil performance. Even on PC it can get nasty out there.

  • SkysOutThizeOut
    @Knootewoot hybrid is not gimped.
  • validifyedneb18_ESO
    Balance and as a part of this the limited build diversity caused by the stamina/magicka divide.

    Second biggest issue is ZOS dont know how to make fun and engaging content, only grinds. Their solution to get people back into the game is to make a mount and variations that require over a years worth of events to farm out in totality.
  • xxthir13enxx
  • Knootewoot
    @Knootewoot hybrid is not gimped.


    Well, i cant get it to work with my magNB. I can on, for example, my stamward which has then insane heals. And for stamDK maybe if you use magicka skills. It might depend on the class.

    Ill see if i can do it on a stamblade and use, for example, the magicka execute instead of stamina. It has more range.
    "I am a nightblade. Blending the disciplines of the stealthy agent and subtle wizard, I move unseen and undetected, foil locks and traps, and teleport to safety when threatened, or strike like a viper from ambush. The College of Illusion hides me and fuddles or pacifies my opponents. The College of Mysticism detects my object, reflects and dispels enemy spells, and makes good my escape. The key to a nightblade's success is avoidance, by spell or by stealth; with these skills, all things are possible."
  • oXI_Viper_IXo
    Stuck in combat bug and random load screens in the middle of battle.
    Xbox One NA
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    Fleeing is a perfectly valid tactic if you wander into a tough situation. Find or craft better
    gear, use skill points, or level up a bit more, then come back to fight another day.
  • zaria
    aaisoaho wrote: »
    Huge gaps in difficulty between content. Lower difficulty level content doesn't prepare players to more difficult ones.

    Trying to solve these gaps brings also an another problem: the game doesn't teach and prepare players. Tutorials do teach basics, but nothing makes sure you as a player remember them after leaving tutorial zone.
    Dungeons scale pretty well in difficulty I think from normal fungal 1 up to normal dlc back to vet fungal 1 and up.

    Agree with the game don't teaching is an problem, now its true that say wow also don't teach rotations but ESO is in a bit special setting in that it has lots of people coming from single player games and its require plenty of player skill.
    To many choices can make it hard for people.
    Grinding just make you go in circles.
    Asking ZoS for nerfs is as stupid as asking for close air support from the death star.
  • Ananoriel
    The only issues I have with ESO have to do with performance.
  • Enemy-of-Coldharbour
    Remove having to double-bar any skill.

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  • JobooAGS
    Overall performance in cyrodiil and pvp.
    Next is bug fixes on skills
    Then population imbalances
  • Deedleqwerty
    Releasing DLCs without fixing what"s already broke.

    Breaking Cyrodiil *every* time they release a DLC.
    ~Deedleqwerty [PS4] / NA
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    See you in Cyrodiil
  • Yolokin_Swagonborn
    Power Creep.

    The fact that ZOS seems compelled to add stronger and stronger gear every DLC, so that people have to buy the latest DLC to have best in slot. Add increasing champion points every patch, and you have a major power creep issue that ZOS seems to be ignoring.

    You have probably heard of powercreep, but why should you care?
    Because there is a price. A high one. You pay for power creep (caused by ZOS adding more and more powerful gear and increasing champion points) by having your characters skills, passives (and next patch) racial passives nerfed again and again. Your numbers get bigger but your character actually gets weaker. But worst of all, your class abilities lose utility and get less diverse.

    Here's why they do it:
    ZOS seems to want best in slot gear to either come from the latest DLC/Chapter, or be behind some sort of grindwall.
    The only way to ensure that is to either nerf existing gear (like they did with Mechanical Accuity) or put tons more damage on new gear (like they did with relequen, siroria, spell strat).

    Here's what we pay for it
    The problem with this is that now the top tier DPS has tons more damage and can blaze through content. Then top guilds post videos of their members soloing trial bosses or burning things down in 5 seconds. ZOS gets afraid people will lose interest so they go around looking around for things to nerf to "balance" the game. The first things on the chopping block seem to be those juicy class skills. Every patch, iconic class skills get their utility or damage robbed to "pay" for the huge amounts of damage gained by new gear and the CP system. Next patch, our racials will all get gutted. Not in the name of balance, but so that ZOS can sell that power back to you with grind and DLC.

    Why this is bad for the game in the long run
    This is the most annoying thing in the game right now. It sucks to have the classes continue to be homogenized and class and racial choices be less meaningful patch after patch. In a few more years, most of your power is going to come from grinding the latest gear and champion points. At this rate, the classes and races will just differ by their particle effects and skins.
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    everyone is running this set it seems if everyone is running it you know it has to be op
    - Jake1576
    The difference between a "Chapter" and a DLC

    The Root of All Problems (and nerfs) in this game.

    PVP catch and release program

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  • tamrielwinner
  • iiYuki
    Less emphasization on the crown store. Like can we actually have some mounts and motifs exclusive to being EARNED in- game from veteran and trials content.
    "Play how you want... unless its not how we intended you to play in which case we'll nerf it".
    - ZO$

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  • Katahdin
    Large difference in difficulty between normal vs vet vs HM in some content

    Having to learn difficult and punishing rotations for max dps - carpal tunnel anyone?

    Crown crates
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  • EvilAutoTech
    I can no longer feel the Force?
  • xAk_MoRRoWiNdx
    Nerf nightblades

    How about no
    New to forums and stuff so I 99.9 percent probably won't see your response and such, so use the at symbol at me I guess? IDK :/. This BBCode stuff is really cool!! :D.
    Gamer from Alaska (907 Gamers, Alaskan Gamers Unite!).
    My little rant I guess?:
    One day Nightblades will get the buffs we desperately need and deserve, but so far, those buffs are not today.. The Elder Scrolls Online: Nightblade Nerfs Unlimited.
    Don't nerf you, don't nerf me, nerf the sorc behind the tree!.

    If you need help or advice, hit me up on Xbox: Press F to REEE :D .
    Also open to talking on Discord!
    Ich kann Deutsch Sprechen bei der mittleren/zwischen Kenntnissen Ebene. Hallo! :D.

    CP level 870. Playing since 2015.

    My wishlist I suppose:
    • Bring back purge cloak. But I guess the new heal cloak is more beneficial. Hmmm....
    • Return Stam builds to the power we held in One Tamriel. Long Live Stamina builds!
    • Put Magplar and MagDK into their place. Magpsorc is a hopeless case.
    • Is there any chance that we could get an Ebonheart Pact nerf? #CullingTheHerds .

    My 10 characters:
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    • DC - Who Took My Bleach - Orc Stamina Sorcerer. Hours: 3 days, 18 hours. (90 hours).
    • EP - Niada Zaennon - High Elf Magicka Nightblade. Hours: 15 days, 18 hours (378 hours).
    • AD - Healsyournoobazzwithmemes - Argonian Magicka Templar. Hours: 1 day, 9 hours (33 hours)
    • DC - Engulfing Traps - Dark Elf Magicka Dragonknight. Hours: 7 days, 17 hours (129 hours).
    • AD - Verführung - High Elf Magicka Sorcerer. Hours: 5 days, 9 hours (129 hours)
    • DC - Deadazz catch these birds - Nord Stamina Warden. Hours: 6 days, 21 hours (165 hours)
    • EP - So Bendy - Wood Elf Stamina Templar. Hours: 1 day, 15 hours (39 hours)
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  • Mr_Walker
    The overuse of CC and snares.

    Makes the game boring, both PvP and PvE.
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