Wishlist: PVP Campaign, Player Percent Standing from the Total Players

For example, in a 30 day campaign,

Top 2% Players per Alliance 15000 gold + 5 Legendary Items
Top 3–10% Players per Alliance 7500 gold + 5 Epic Items

However there is no UI function that supports the current number of players in a campaign or the current player percentile.

My workaround is using my second account I have a Faction character join a Campaign I am interested in and does not gain any AP. From this I see their position or rank as it were then by hand I can calculate the percentile position for 10% ( I have never yet got close to 2%).

I had heard this Software Stuff can make life a little easier so maybe there can be something made available on the interface so the calculation is a little more deterministic ;)

Please provide functions that give campaign member positions for the 2% and 10% boundaries then this could easily be displayed through an addon in the Campaign Window.

Alternatively, provide the player current percentile position along with the total count so you can determine the position of the Reward Percentage Boundaries.

The game has lots of goals to chase, why not make these PVP Reward goals a little more transparent.


EDIT: Moved to "Developer Discussions" forum.

Edited by Onigar on January 9, 2019 6:01AM
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