What would you like to see happen with the Luxury Furniture Vendor in 2019?

So as a another year rolls on with housing, what would you like to see happen with the luxury furniture vendor in 2019?
Would you like to continue the trend of repeating older items with a new item added each week or something else?
I would love to see a second vendor added that holds ALL of the old items and then have more new items come out each week with Zanil.
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  • Xerikten
    staying up all week with a change in inventory at the same time as now would be nice.
  • ArchangelIsraphel
    I'd love it if the vendor stayed up the entire week. That, and I'd like to see more unique items. (Though I am hoping for recolors of the whole wedding line of stuff- different curtain colors and flower colors, possibly recolors of the redguard stuff too)
  • G1Countdown
    I would like to see two themes every week. Theme one would be the original theme of the week such as flowers/orc stuff/signs/etc and then a second new theme say paintings and supplies/flooring/campfires/etc.
  • Tigerseye
    Think, if it's going to continue in the same way it has done up until now, with only a few things on at a time, we need the repeats.

    As, otherwise, certain items just aren't available, most of the time, even at a mark-up on guild stores.

    As I said in another thread, though, I would ideally prefer a luxury department store, with everything available, all the time.

    Moving him out of the current all-purpose building and into a purpose-built furnishing store (with some of the nicer furnishings on display, like a real shop) would be great, too.

    Would make visiting him to make a purchase more fun.
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  • Aziara
    I'd like to see truly massive Hist tree furnishings. Our current baby hist furnishing from shadowfen is a joke.
  • Jayne_Doe
    I don't recall who, but there was someone who posted a great thread on this topic. Essentially proposing what the OP did - creating a second vendor to either continue selling the previous items or selling new items, with Zanil selling the old items.

    I think he even proposed adding a new vendor every year, with new items, and having an outside location with various stalls for the vendors.

    I like the added ideas of keeping him around permanently and moving him into his own furniture shop, with items on display.

    I still prefer rotating stock, as having everything for sale all the time would create too long of a list to wade through when looking for something specific - although I suppose they could just set up his inventory into categories like the Housing Editor.

    And please for the love of Mara, I wish they would stop adding more Orc crap to buy. The recent Orc items being metal versions of the clan seals is disappointing on two levels - one, they're a recolor and two, they're Orc. Meh.

    I hope we see Murkmire furnishings, though I'm not really that big of a fan, but it would be nice to have other races and newer DLC represented. For that matter, I don't think we really got any furnishings related to Summerset.
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  • Thalidar
    Being new to housing I've been keeping a close eye on the Golden vendor and all I can say is disappointing! Seriously way to small a variety on offer every week. The last 2 weeks are plaques, based on one race and are a very very tailored to a specific look. Going back a month or so they've been mainly signs. The best week and really only useful week for me over the last few months was the tailoring gear, because at least it was something I could work with. Ie: thread, loom etc.

    At least the golden vendor caters to different play styles.

    I'd like it to be 2-3x larger with a min of 10-15 items. Have some variety of themes and races, plus always include normal and a specialty area, ie: the orc plaques this week.

    Drip feeding is just a waste of time and by the time something else useful comes around I'll have probably stopped needing or bothering to check.
  • thatlaurachick
    Weeks should be combined to make room for new themes. I love the orcish furnishings but do we really need 6? (more?) weeks of them throughout the year? 2 weeks of seals? How about all of them in 1 week, then some musical instruments?
    Same for Morrowind - put it in 1 week then add Summerset! Or Ayleid, or base game items like the racial specific wells, or flowers!!!!! (dangit, people with limited crowns want pretty flowers too!)
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  • Tasear
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  • thatlaurachick
    Tasear wrote: »
    More necromancer stuff

    Tasear - <3 you, but no. Necromancer stuff is gross. :-P
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  • Reistr_the_Unbroken
    Nestor wrote: »
    I also vote for keeping the Vendor up for the entire week. I would be more likely to purchase if that was the case.
    Wait they only stay for certain days?
  • MornaBaine
    Love the idea of 2 vendors, 1 for the older items and one for new items. My purchases have really dropped off since it's mostly old stuff now. And yes, having them up all week would be grand. Plenty of weekends I've been busy with real life and completely forgot.
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  • Jayne_Doe
    I wish they'd also change the name of the vendor to something other than Luxury. A lot of the items aren't what I'd consider Luxury. And, I know it's been sometimes misleading for new players who finally get to Coldharbour and are excited to visit the vendor, only to find a Riekling hay bed for sale.

    I don't know what other name would be appropriate, but Luxury is a misnomer for the range/quality of goods he carries.
  • carly
    I'd like to see some of the in-game furnishings like the different fireplaces / ovens, wells, farm animals, musical instruments, etc... And like others have suggested maybe recolor some of the fabric items...all my homes are either predominantly red or blue!
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