Eso Murkmire Magsorc PVP build & gameplay

Soul Shriven
Hey guys 👍

I wanna show you my latest magsorc pvp build for murkmire.

I play magsorc since 2 years (or 3, idk) and 90% pvp. Fully buffed , you have about 40k max mag, 3.7 wpn dmg, 3.8 mag reg, 15k stam, 1.3k stam reg, 24-25k health, about 20k resistance and 2.6k crit resistance. There is also a gameplay in the vid (2:50 min). The build is in foreign language, if anybody need more details, just ask 😉



Master inferno with shock or mag absorb glyph (if you should struggle with sustain, go for absorb)
Lich destro with wpn dmg glyph

Monster set is mighty chudan (head hvy, med shoulders)

Amberplasm on the body (all impen, just 2 pieces infuses max mag)

Lich jewerly, all wpn dmg

Vampire stage 4
Mundus mage

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