Tasear's third year Birthday Story


(I know I am a bit late... but was sick all yesterday)

I remember it well, I had been sitting on 60 dollars( 40 amazon, and 20 steam) worth of gift cards thinking what do with it. I eventually came across this game again and remember my days in skyrim and the beta. I saw the reviews and had my doubts, but a chance at million dollars sounded fun, so I decided. Though, had gift care on amazon and steam which came down to do I want horse and imperial class. I eventually decided amazon, though I wipe cold sweats on my face every time I see our steam friends having trouble... that could of been me too.

it took almost a day to download... but I remember how exciting it was after I clicked play. It's like my heart knew that the future would be grand. I must say in my rush and sleep deprecation I made some poor aesthetics choices on my first character. I picked red hair to remind me of my favorite character from Kyo Kara Maou. Next is the most mysterious thing... to this day... I swear I picked bosmer nightblade as my first character, but as many people know ... I picked Bosmer Sorc somehow.

I wanted to redo... but I was afraid... I was lose my beta rewards if I didn't bank them. I know in hindsight ... this sure was silly, but during my time with my Sorc I got to fall in love with it. Having my little minions run around was so much fun that I didn't leave cold harbor till level 6. (missing the real starter zone :persevere: ). Even back then my hoarder tendencies blossomed... I looted everything including my first pair of amour off that ship! That nice shiny heavy amour would most defiantly serve me well ... when I started my healing career in next few levels.

First thing though, I went exploring...going east I found murcrabs to kill and many things along the coast till I found a glorious mansion to continue hoarding many things. I ask myself how I manged my bag, but the outlaws den was close enough that I became friends with npc merchants inside. I even cooked my lvl 6 pork meal inside there often. I eventually reach lvl 10 and decide we start a guild!

This is one thing I am still laughing with amazement at because 3 years later I actually still have that guild. I had to learn a lot of about being a better leader and person in process, but I now I provide a comfortable home for dungeoneers and weirdos who like to socialize with me. Though, it did take a lot, at one point it was also a trade guild, and a trial guild. In fact, raised some of best players in game under our misshaped trial adventures. Some left, but the others who I happy stayed to continue to share other adventures or just talk about the day. Sometimes I regretted the responsibility that I took so earlier on, but I am sure the game would not be same without them for me.

By all rights... I should of been a solo player enjoying questing and new dlcs as they come out. Like I am antisocial! (...why doesn't anyone believe me anymore) I love to read books and immerse myself in stories. Lets not forget my love for exploring! Though that's want I am grateful about... eso made me realize some truths about myself. Though don't get me wrong, I am still antisocial! It's just that I like living my own stories while watching and hearing about peoples own stories not in words, but right beside them. I don't really like exploring, but my thirst for adventure had me clicking random queue so often that I swear I lived in dungeons.

Now I had my lessons to learn though, like how in the world then I become a Sorc healer from back then :lol: . Just imagine what the world would be like if I had clicked nightblade or started on Templar... To this day nightblade is my worst characters, but I like to think I would of found myself as one of the gankers of cydrolli or a champion for nightblade healers. On the other hand, where were all these nahsayers when I was starting off, I might of listened earlier on and became one of those many proud main Templar healers at End game. Still faith is what it was and I became ESO most notorious Sorc healer.

I had to learn from ground up and sometimes go backwards in my mistakes. There weren't actually any builds either for what I wanted to at the time either. I had found called dark exchange healer that influenced some of builds I would later do. Indeed, I remember the day, I state down and wrote by pug proof healer build. It took me a weak to get used to using the overload bar, but before that I had doubts if this was going to work. Though years later, it had 30,000 views before it was decommissioned.

Somewhere in between that experience, I got myself into healing veteran trials. I was just bad... no like real bad... you should of kicked me, but thank you that you didn't. Thanks to protection of guild leader Alivn, I learned mechs and how to gear myself properly for trials. I learned how healers work together to support allies with buffs and healing. I learned different tactics that I haven't seen repeated by others. I was so bad... but as I sit in vSO HM pug run other night as last 3 alive after mankoria went boom or boss turned on with cleave. I am like ... I grew up to be one of the great ones so thanks for teaching me.

Ah, but I skipped a important part of my story. I don't think I every really talk about that time I almost quit being a Sorc healer. No really, I was ready to give and follow the rest on a prescribed destiny. I had fully leveled champion Templar healer as my second healer. The thing was it wasn't as fun. I felt repressed and just ready to give up game itself. Yeah might of been different if I started as Templar healer, but I didn't. So this one day, one of the most amazing people I meet in my life mk introduced me to my bestest friend southrain. Well apparently he says we meet before when he was healing on his dk, but I don't remember that. I just remember getting stuck in the tree and trying to tank boss in a tree and how amazing the healer was at the time. Back on point, I sent a message to Southrain at the time. I told my story and I think I got some life advice more then just game advice when he said "Don't heal like a templar healer, but heal like a Sorc healer" . It was like someone saying be you no others. It was that moment I think eso healing changed forever.

Especially when I got to forums.... oh so many fights I got into with others. Such a rebellious healer I had become. Still no matter the class, I created 792 threads, and made 8, 400 comments in past 2 and half years... with most of it being about healing. Though sadly not often for Sorc healers, but more so for the other classes. I later did some other things... but you will have to read about that part of my story later on my blog. (https://healersgrove.blogspot.com/)

In between those days, I became a less of rebel ..cough after morrowind game us orbs and raised 5 more healers ... . My Warden felt like a different species between other two.... but here is my secret. It's my best healer :open_mouth: or so whatever one says when I use it. The ongoing joke is why do I use sorc when I am so good with my Warden. I also made peace with my past and fell in love with Templar style of healing and got sprouted as I got achievements on them both for awhile, till someone reminded me I hadn't updated Sorc build in a long time. Then I balanced some time between dk healer and Sorc healer. Got to say dk healing is the most interesting... but maybe because I like throwing rocks at people. My nightblade had some time here and there, but would love to one day give it the time it deserves.

So now I moved on from the next part of my story as I care for medical plants, and expand my healing knowledge even further. I am not sure where this well take me, but I want to thank Zos and all that made this game possible. I have spent ungodly about of time in game, but with no regrets as I grew from that shy, confused girl to that confident, charismatic woman that haunts the forums with her list of threads to create.

~ Thanks for creating a great game with many adventures for people
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