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Unstoppable Spinning Toon again

  • Cathrisa
    Soul Shriven
    After today's update an update from me on the situation:

    The screen still keeps spinning every time I start up the game. I still need to uncheck and check the settings in
    System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy each time.

    I discovered that the ESO listed in the above settings window was that of the PTS-client. I changed that. And now at least by launching the game directly and not using the launcher I don't get a spinning screen. That is, start ESO using
    Zenimax Online > The Elder Scrolls Online > game_mac > pubplayerclient > eso

    I guess it is taking a deep breath and working on with this broken piece of software for now, hoping for yet another update.
  • Mainman99
    OK, I tried to be constructive and calm but now Im tired of your blatant ignorance to the state of the game for OSX players. You keep ignore our problems, spinning toon every update, still no FPS fix, no fullscreen.

    We are paying customers too.

    Please just tell us you don't care about the OSX client or FIX THE CLIENT!

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    Edited by Mainman99 on June 3, 2019 6:39PM
  • FierceSam
    Imagine the laughing stock they would become in the gaming world if they unknowingly had to use a Mac in one of their Twitch livestreams. :D

    Dude, have you seen their streams?

    The level of technical f***muppetry and incompetence is awesome. Poor sound (if there is indeed sound), zero gaming coordination. They’re like something a first time streamer would put out secretly as a test. They had to spend half of one simply putting their latest ad on repeat. It’s like watching goldfish trying to breath out of water (kind of amusing but something alive is dying in front of your eyes). No wonder they’ve quietly canned them.

    It’s a level of technical inability that just isn’t possible on a Mac.

    On a serious note though - zero Mac fixes in update 5.0.7 (June 3).
  • FierceSam
    Update 5.0.7

    Now you can't even fix it using the system preferences

    no matter what I try I have spinning toon.

    It's making me vomit
  • nCats
    Another patch, another wasted opportunity, amassing job, ZOS. As always it seems. Fingers crossed. Today new macOS announcement.

    Oh, we already have the needed backends, like moltenVK. I think people are working on the DXVK for Mac, just a matter of time.
  • alterfenixeb17_ESO
    nCats wrote: »
    Another patch, another wasted opportunity, amassing job, ZOS. As always it seems. Fingers crossed. Today new macOS announcement.

    Oh, we already have the needed backends, like moltenVK. I think people are working on the DXVK for Mac, just a matter of time.
    Yes, but then truth is that having a 3rd party solution of course is not the same as native support. Needless to say that molten does API translation which just by itself may impact i.e. performance. Plus also complexity - currently when bug happens it may be either Molten or Metal. Establishing who is responsible for introducing a bug for that reason may also take more time.

  • Vivifier
    Every time I login I spin. Unticking and ticking again eso launcher from privacy accessibility solves it, but thats way to tedious to do every time. Please stabilise elsweyr for all the users and then fix the mac client and the performance all aboard ( sometime soon though ). I haven's picked elsweyr yet because i cant risk on fps/performance and get disappointed. Anyway some communication for the mac client would be welcome. cheers
  • Romilly

    "Can you please fix the quality of life Mac bugs please? Spinning toons, Not quitting cleanly, Hanging Machines (sleeping laptop w game running, sometimes just Safari+Windowed Mode)."

    from ZOS_GinaBruno via /r/elderscrollsonline sent 12 hours ago
    Sounds like all these issues are known and being worked on.

    from ZOS_RichLambert via /r/elderscrollsonline sent 13 hours ago
    Will follow up with the team on these issues!
  • FierceSam
    A) lovely to see ESO communicating via Reddit rather than their own forum

    B ) I have given up using the launcher and now boot up directly from the game file. The launcher is so bad that simply having it on the desktop causes the game to spasm

    C ) at this point I’m really only interested in actions and resolutions to issues. The idea that these are new issues or somehow unknown to the hierarchy of ZOS is ridiculous

    D ) kicking everything into the long grass of “happy daze in 2020” isn’t going to reassure anyone. Not least when the new update of the Mac OS comes out in the Autumn and the launcher becomes totally incompatible.
  • Carmina
    Warning: Threads regarding the Launcher not being compatible with future OS releases will be closed by ZOS, since they are unconstructive.
  • albatrossj5
    Have done as you have said to fix spinning . Still happened every time I log in and while playing
  • rluke
    Same Problem.
    The Mac client gets worse with every update
    And no problems have been fixed for months

    - spinning toon
    - Fps Problems
    - Full Screen Not working
    - V-Sync / fps Limiter not working
    - Crashs Problem
    - I have to force quit eso

    And no Information from ZOS
  • ProfesseurFreder
    Aelthwyn wrote: »
    I'm getting this spinning every time I log in, as well as sometimes after playing a while and then switching characters. It seems to be whenever the system preferences window reverts to locked.

    There also seems to be a related issue this time around where you cannot click and hold on your character to rotate them - like on the character select page or in the clothing station where you should be able to look at the sides and back of your character. They simply don't move while you're holding down the mouse button, and then as soon as you let go they spin wildly for a moment and then do an emote.

    Everything that Aelthwyn says is true, I have the same issues.

    Dear ZOS, we wouldn't mind (much) if we ran the fix ONCE and it worked and STAYED fixed. But having it happen Every. Single. Time. we launch the game is not acceptable.
    "Nothing by which all human passion and hope and folly can be mirrored and then proved ever was just a game."
    -- William Faulkner.
  • FierceSam

    Uncontrollable spinning toon after update 5.0.8

    Changing permissions DOES NOT resolve the issue

    Using the actual game file as opposed to the launcher DOES NOT fix this issue

    Will ZOS gotfa and fix this?
  • Kara
    A reminder about changing permissions in Accessibility:


    Yes, the whole thing sucks. But at least this will let you play the game.
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