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180~250 ms on Google Fiber Connection

I feel like I'm getting far more MS now that I've moved into my new house with Google Fiber. I've tested the connection and am getting the 1G up and down like I'm suppose to, is there any reason for the poor MS?
  • Vapirko
    Because bandwidth has little to do with latency. ESO requires very little data to be sent and received. So you can get the same latency on a 30/10mb service as you can on yours. What’s more important is your location and path to ZOS servers, as well as making sure alll your hardware is up to date, you have a good router and all your settings are proper, and that you don’t have any firewall or antivirus software interfering. What country do you live in and which server are you on? And do you “feel” like you’re getting more latency after your move or are you actually?
  • Rizz_the_Filthy_Dino
    North Carolina, USA. I felt like I had better latency up the road from my last area.
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