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Pets with Pathfinding

I think it would be cool to have pets that include pathfinding. Such as... you could set a pet to static or mobile, so once you set it down it will wander the area accessible to it at will, going up and down stairs, ect. But then you could also set that same pet to Static and it would sit in one place like it does now. Or you could set a route for the pet to walk if just pathfinding won't work. At each end of the track you could set it to sit in that place for a certain amount of time then turn around and come back.
  • Aziara
    I personally think that manually setting a route would be the best option. I've seen so many homes that have been modded from the original so much that native pathing could be an issue.
    Or at the very least, I want my windhelm wolfhound to LAY down in front of the fire... he just stands there like a goof.
  • whitecrow
    I love this idea! It would certainly add more life to our homes!
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